Looking for a missing man in his thirties in Eidkjosen on Kvaløya – NRK Troms and Finnmark – Local news, TV and radio – Die Welt

– This is abnormal behavior for him. To be gone so long, so late at night and so thinly dressed, says the chief of operations at the Troms Police Station, Morten Renland.

He is slim and about 185 cm tall. He must wear blue sweatpants, possibly black overalls, a brown furry fleece jacket and a gray top hat with a black pattern.

Around 10.30 a.m., the NRK is informed that both the fire brigade and the lifeboat are connected.

The task force leader says several investigators have been brought into the case and are working on different hypotheses.

The volunteers do a beach search in Kaldfjord. They also look for hiking areas and roads.

Photo: Sofie Dege Dimmen / NRK

Shortly before 9:30 am, NRK is informed that the volunteers are carrying out a beach search from Kaldfjorden to Henrikvika and Håkøya.

There are now many search parties around Kvaløya, both with cars and with people on foot.

– The status is that we are still applying with undiminished strength. More resources will be available in the morning than yesterday evening, says operations manager Karl-Erik Thomassen in the Troms police station.

The man was reported missing by relatives shortly after midnight.

Michael Nilsen and Runar Korneliussen at the Norwegian People's Aid

Michael Nilsen and Runar Korneliussen from the Norwegian Volkshilfe take part in the search.

Photo: Sofie Dege Dimmen / NRK

The searches are in full swing on Monday morning. The police, the Red Cross, Norwegian rescue dogs and the Norwegian People’s Aid were all involved in the search. The police are also considering sending the lifeboat to search the sea.

It’s very cold and dark in the area. The police don’t have many leads to follow.

Search operation Eidkjosen
Photo: Sofie Dege Dimmen / NRK

Got tips

The man in his thirties left the apartment at five thirty on Sunday night. It took a long time to notify the police.

– He did not return, which worried his relatives. The police have not yet known him, says operations manager Lennert Steffensen.

The police have already received several leads in the case, but ask people to report if they see anything.

– We follow the tips little by little and work according to several hypotheses. The only thing we know for sure is that he left the place willingly. 6.30 p.m. yesterday evening, says operations manager Karl-Erik Thomassen.


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