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Zee Avi officially tied the knot with her Japanese husband Kenji Matano in a simple ceremony on November 22nd at her family home in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Although not much has been revealed about her other half at this point, the artist is finally ready to introduce him to her fans.

During a press conference on Friday (November 26th), Zee shared some details about their relationship: “Kenji and I have known each other for about three years now. During my birthday last year, he proposed to me privately, even there. “

Matano, 41, was born and raised in Tokyo and has been an IT analyst in Malaysia for about four years. Zee, 35, made it a point to remind everyone of the correct spelling of her husband’s family name. “We’ve seen a lot of typos in his name lately, people have spelled Makano, but it’s actually Matano,” she corrected.

When asked why she chose him, Zee replied quickly and said, “He chose me!”

More seriously, the singer shared that he was someone who understood her lifestyle as an artist and supported her career. “Most of all, he’s like a friend who is always by my side … He brings out the best in me and that’s the best I could ask for,” she added.

Zee Avi met her husband Kenji Matano at a friend’s event in 2018.

Matano is also used to eating Malaysian food, particularly sambal belacan. Zee announced that she introduced him to the court in the early days of her publicity.

the Bitter heart The singer remembered meeting him for the first time at a friend’s event in 2018. At the time, Matano had no idea she was a popular singer. “That night, when we were all gathered together, I suddenly had a ukulele in my hand and people said, ‘Play’ Caught! ‘ So I did it, ”she said, referring to her 2009 hit.

When asked what he thought of the song, Matano replied “Oh famous person” after realizing that everyone at the event knew the lyrics of the song. Zee was grateful that he didn’t know who she was because she saw it as an opportunity for him to get to know her as a person. Matano did not begin researching Zee’s career until after they met.

Zee Avi hopes to spend her honeymoon in Tokyo and meet her in-laws next year.

What’s next for the couple, Zee is hoping to spend her honeymoon in Tokyo and meet her in-laws. “We planned to go to Japan next year, but we completely forgot about the quarantine! So we have to plan a little more, ”said the singer.

The couple have also started discussing financial planning for their future children. When asked when they would like to have children, Zee said that they just “go with the flow”.



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