Live News of Parliament, Winter Session of Parliament 2021 Live Coverage, MSP, Pegasus; Repeal Agricultural Laws in the House Today

The vice-president and chairman of Rajya Sabha Venkaiah Naidu chaired a meeting of the group chairmen of all parties on Sunday one day before the start of the winter session. (Photo: PTI)

Om Birla, the first-time speaker, speaks on the role of the standing committees and the opposition, addresses the lack of a deputy spokesman, affirms the freedom of MPs to speak in the House of Representatives without fear of designations such as anti-national, and defends not broadcasting protests in parliament .

“I hope that there will be enough discussions and debates in Parliament during the winter session. I urge all parties to participate in an orderly manner. I also hope that Parliament sees more productivity this time, ”he said. The spokesman added: “Every government, past or present, regardless of which party it belongs to, introduces bills and laws for the benefit of the people. No government elected for five years wants to pass a law that does not help the people. The ideologies or perspectives may be different, but in my opinion every government is driven by this motive. “


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