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When it comes to HIV and AIDS, it is still not possible to give the all-clear. The Robert Koch Institute provided the figures for 2020 on November 25, 2021. It is not easy to collect figures on new HIV infections or on people living with the HI virus in Germany. Therefore, they can only be estimated with the help of model calculations, according to the RKI. Because a good half of those affected are diagnosed with an infection with an advanced immunodeficiency or with the full picture AIDS.

RKI facts and figures

  • At the end of 2020, the number of people with HIV infection in Germany was 91,400.
  • 9,500 HIV infections had not yet been diagnosed and those affected lived without knowledge of their infection.
  • It is estimated that 2,000 people were newly infected with HIV in 2020. This includes people from Germany and of German origin who have been infected with HIV abroad. This is a slight decrease compared to 2019 – according to current estimates, 2,300 people were newly infected with the HIV virus in 2019
  • The proportion of people diagnosed with HIV infection receiving antiretroviral therapy as recommended in the HIV treatment guidelines has increased from about 81 percent in 2006 to about 97 percent in 2020.
  • About 96 percent of these therapies were successful, ie a viral load of less than 200 virus copies / ml blood was achieved.
  • In addition, around 90 percent of those infected with HIV were diagnosed for the first time in 2020, according to the RKI.
  • According to the RKI, the observed decrease in new HIV diagnoses and the estimated decrease in new infections in 2020 could be due, among other things, to a reduction in the risk of transmission through the restriction of sexual contact, fewer routine tests and thus the elimination of diagnoses due to the corona pandemic.

Who is affected by HIV in Germany?

In Germany, most of the people infected with HIV live in the big cities. Men who have sex with men are still mainly affected, but women are also repeatedly infected. Usually they are given an AIDS test late on. A major oversight, because the sooner an HIV infection is discovered and treated, the better the prospects of living a long life despite the infection.

HIV and AIDS worldwide

According to the UN-AIDSprogramms UNAIDS Almost 38 million people with HIV in 2020, including 1.5 million new infections. 680,000 people died as a result.

HIV in times of Corona

The United Nations warned of setbacks in the fight against HIV / AIDS caused by the corona pandemic last year. Due to the lockdowns in many countries, there could be up to 293,000 additional HIV infections and 148,000 additional AIDS deaths in 2020, warned Winnie Byanyima, executive director of UNAIDS. Because the health services in many countries are heavily burdened by the fight on two fronts or the operation is interrupted – a situation that has not changed in 2021, like Experts in an online press conference on November 26, 2021 complained.

Growing threat from HIV: the causes are manifold

Even after almost two years of global pandemic, the causes of a growing threat from the HI virus have remained the same. So be the one for example Number of HIV tests in 2020 decreased by 22 percent compared to the previous year, repeated the executive director of the “Global Fund” Peter Sands in a press conference at the end of November 2021. Findings that Sands had already highlighted in September 2021. At that time, the latest figures were published for the fund, which was founded in 2002 to combat the three major infectious diseases AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria and has since financed national measures against the three diseases.

People who have been treated do not pass the HIV virus on

The HIV virus does not continue to multiply in the body if those affected are treated and take medication. After a while, the viral load in the blood is reduced so much that the virus can no longer be detected in the blood. It is then no longer transferable – not even during sex.

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