Vanessa Angel’s father is embarrassed that Gala Sky gets a house donation – archyde – Ayah Vanessa Angel, Dody Sudrajat, admitted that he was ashamed and saddened by the public fundraising campaign to help his grandson. Gala heaven to get a house.

Dody shared this disappointment with his colleague Irma Rachim via the WhatsApp application. Then Irma shared the conversation with her social media accounts.

“Earning money on behalf of Gala by begging and asking for donations. As a grandfather, I’m ashamed and sad about this plan, “said Doddy Sudrajat in a message that was uploaded to the @irma_rachim account on Instagram Story, quoted from – network, Saturday (11/27/2021).

According to Dody, for the money from the gala, he will set aside some of the royalties from the songs of Vanessa’s sisters Mayang and Chika.

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“The VA family (Vanessa Angel) is working through Mayang and Chika to make money for the gala. God willing, we’ll use some of the royalties for the gala, ”said Doddy Sudrajat.

Irma Rachim, who responded to Doddy Sudrajat’s words, agreed. Because in the past, Vanessa Angel’s father was willing to sell the house to meet the family’s needs.

“Yes, Ded, we are ashamed that we could only raise Gala when we were 18. In the past, Dedy Echa raised the house to sell, ”replied Irma Rachim to Dody’s message.

Upload via Vanessa Angel’s father. [Dok.Istimewa]

Irma also told Deddy that he would help Vanessa’s family by working hard together.

“God willing, it will still help the careers of Ded’s children, remember to make money by working hard,” concluded Irma

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As is known, Vanessa Angel’s best friend Marissya Icha received the blessing from Aunt Ardiansyah’s family to open a donation to buy a house for Gala.

The destination is the house that is currently inhabited by Gala Sky Andriansyah. Because the stay is a contract and expires in three months.


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