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Tomorrow is ours, Victoire will come closer to Benjamin. And that will, therefore, create tension with his friend Samuel.

The win has a new goal in tomorrow is ours. The young woman doesn’t want to reconnect with Georges. She wants to try to seduce Benjamin. And she will do anything to please him in the next few episodes. We tell you more in this article.

Victoire tries to flirt with Benjamin

Victoire has just had a transplant. And after many years of relationship with Georges, her relationship is over. Still, this couple was one of Tomorrow Belongs to Us’s fan favorites. Since his operation the young woman wants to seduce again.

Because she recently confided in Samuel that she no longer had any confidence in herself. To get better, she decides to seduce a man she finds very charming: Benjamin. And the latter will be reveal to be the hospital’s new pediatrician.

A stroke of luck for this intern in medicine. She will still be surprised to meet him in the hospital after going out on a date with him. But this can bring them even closer. We feel that the young woman’s sentimental life will be eventful.

It must be said that Victoire just got a heart transplant in Tomorrow is ours. And that changes them a lot. The fact of having seen Death so close automatically makes you think. The young woman questions her whole life.

And that also runs through his love life. When she got very close to Samuel Benjamin could change everything in his life. It will upset a lot of things, according to a recent interview with the actress who plays Victoire.

The morning is ours: Victoire tests her seduction on Benjamin!

Tomorrow is ours: what future does Victoire have?

And the rest of his love affair brings a lot of ease into tomorrow is ours. In fact, the young woman will have two men at her feet. Then you have to choose between the two. And that could be quite funny, according to an interview with the actress.

She trusted Télé Loisirs: „ the There will be some tension between Benjamin and Samuel. I am very happy to find a little lightness! But right now there is no baby in sight. However, it is an “interesting” topic, according to the actress.

Especially since his character is nearing thirty years. But the actress don’t want to get pregnant tomorrow is ours. She explained the reason in an interview for Télé-Loisirs.

“However, I would be lazy to wear the wrong stomach for nine months, especially for a newspaper!” She laughed. So we ask ourselves Who will the beautiful Victoire and her brand new heart deal with. In any case, his health is perfect.

The intrigues surrounding this character will be much easier. And it’s nice after a very serious intrigue about his transplant. A long time ago, we didn’t know if Victoire would survive all of this.

See how she falls in love from another man may appeal to the audience well. To find out more, we have to wait for the next episodes of tomorrow is ours. A little more patience, to be continued later!

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