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Gorgi Coghlan was one of The Project’s longest-running contributors before making the shocking announcement she was leaving in July.

Former The project Panelist Gorgi Coghlan revealed what led her to make the difficult decision to leave the program after 10 years.

The 46-year-old announced in July that she had decided to leave Network Ten’s programming, which left her co-hosts “surprised and disappointed” at the time. Stellar magazine reported.

Coghlan didn’t say that she would like to devote more time to the Ballarat, Victoria pub that she owns with her husband Simon.

The couple bought the Provincial Hotel and its Lola restaurant in November 2018 and have been at war with Covid bans, forced closings and “stressed staff” ever since.

While many colleagues speculated that Coghlan was taking a much-needed hiatus, Masked singer The candidate said she had never been busy since retiring.

“A new gear has just entered into running a small business because not only do you try to spin, spin, spin every week, but because we own the business, we had to lead a team that has broken and broken, ”she said Stella.

“The hospitality is just broken at the moment and we are at the bottom of the barrel. So we put a lot of energy into the business. “

Coghlan not only lived her business dream, she also set out on a career as a singer.

“For me it’s better than broadcasting; Singing is my absolute number one. When I sing, I’m just moved to another place, ”she said.

“I feel like I’m doing what I was born to do, I share what I’m supposed to share, and I really try to influence people emotionally with my voice.”

Coghlan said after her appearance on the Masked singer In 2019 her passion “came back” and she thought: “Oh my God, I want to do that with my life”.

She recently performed two sold out live singing shows in Melbourne and was in the process of writing another.

“Singing for me would be my biggest thing on my vision board and the biggest thing I talk to my manager about. I love music therapy. I love what music can do and how it can heal us, ”she said.

Who Coghlan at The Project is in contact with

Coghlan is still in contact with The project Hosts Waleed Aly and his wife Susan Carland, whom they described as “very dear friends”.

“I always talk to Waleed [Aly]. He and his wife Susan [Carland] are both very dear friends to me. You were here on the farm, ”she said.

“We couldn’t catch up because of the lockdown, but sometimes it’s just cheeky text. They are just really nice, decent people. “

Coghlan said she also heard from Lisa Wilkinson and Peter Helliar after retiring.

“I love seeing the show as a friend now [and] off the couch. I think the best way to describe my friendship with these guys is that it feels really simple and authentic, ”she said.

“They were surprised and disappointed that I was leaving, but they absolutely respected and understood my decision.”


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