Schools in Chennai and 6 other counties of Tamil Nadu closed due to rain tomorrow – archyde


Floods in Tamil Nadu have so far resulted in waterlogging and flooding in several areas.


Schools and colleges in seven counties of Tamil Nadu, including the state capital Chennai, will be closed tomorrow due to heavy rainfall. The India Meteorological Department is forecasting “very heavy” rains tomorrow in Tirunelveli and Kanniyakumari districts and “heavy” rains in Ramanathapuram and Thoothukudi.

Many counties in the state received a rain break today while a “very heavy” rain forecast was announced. Chennai only received up to 6.5 mm of rain until 5:30 p.m., Kanniyakumari 4 mm, Nagapattinam 17 mm, Thoothukudi 0.5 mm, Thiruchendur 11 mm and Kodaikanal 15 mm.

However, Cuddalore received 7 cm and Puducherry 6.6 cm of rain.

A red warning in case of heavy rain was issued by the Meteorological Office for five districts in the country Two days ago schools and colleges in 22 districts were closed after several areas were flooded.

Incessant rains have ravaged the state, causing great damage to crops, buildings, and roads. It has also caused waterlogging and flooding in several areas so far.

Officials are preparing for waterlogging, severe crop damage, uprooting of trees, damage to cattle and a rise in water levels in rivers and lakes after the heavy rain warning.

In Tamil Nadu, over 50,000 hectares of crops have so far been hit by heavy rainfall, 68 percent more than the average rainfall during this monsoon season.

More than 2,300 homes have been damaged in the heavy rains that have struck the state since October. Two-thirds of the state was flooded when the rain peaked in the second week of November with two consecutive periods.


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