LA County reports 22 new Covid-19 deaths and 624 new positive cases – Deadline – archyde

The Los Angeles County Department of Health reported 22 new deaths Covid-19, and 624 new positive cases.

The number of deaths and confirmed cases reported today may reflect delays in reporting over the weekend. But today’s data bring the county up as a whole 27.121 Deaths and 1.524.912 positive cases.

At the time of reporting, 556 Residents of the district are hospitalized with Covid-19. From November 24th 29% of these people are in intensive care. Test results are available for nearly 9,370,000 people, 15% of whom tested positive. The positivity rate is 1.4%.

The Delta variant is the dominant strain that is spreading in LA, but public health has raised concerns about the new Omicron variant is classified as a “worrying variant” by the World Health Organization in South Africa is being closely monitored. There is no information on whether Omicron is more contagious, deadly, or resistant to vaccines or treatments than other COVID-19 strains.

“The main strategy remains to ensure that everyone aged 5 and over is fully vaccinated or given their booster dose as soon as possible in order to reduce the transmission of the virus that is currently dominant in the county. The vaccines are effective against the Delta variant and earlier strains of the virus, so we can continue to hope that the approved vaccines also offer some protection against Omicron. “

While much remains to be learned about the new variant, enough information is available to the county to take steps to reduce transmission that can help prepare strategies to mitigate this new variant of concern.

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