Himanshu Malhotra: even the biggest stars can’t guarantee box office results on their own right now – archyde

Actor Himanshu Malhotra has dived into both television and film media over his 16-year career. He is of the opinion that, unlike in the past, there is no longer any discrimination against actors who switch from television to film.

“I didn’t experience any discrimination when I was doing Shershaah. In the industry or around the world today, when you assemble the part, you fit the part. What difference does it make where you are from? The work you’ve done in the past only adds to its popularity, ”says the 39-year-old, who starred in TV shows like Aapki Antara and Airlines and in the 2016 movie Wajah Tum Ho.

Malhotra believes that popularity is no longer the only criterion for casting an actor. “There was a time when we lived in a star-based system, but it is no longer that way. That’s why even the biggest stars are now opting for content-driven cinema. They alone don’t guarantee box office results, ”jokes the actor.

He played the role of Captain Rajeev Malhotra in the Sidharth Malhotra Starrer Shershaah and is delighted with the praise he has received for his performance.

“It (the portrayal) garnered a lot of respect in the first month and a half after the film was released. We were presented well … Everyone saw the film two or three times. I loved it too. The film was a blockbuster even though it was released on OTT and not in theaters, ”says Malhotra


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