Hawaii records 3 new coronavirus-related deaths, 169 additional infections – archyde

Hawaii Department of Health officials today reported three new coronavirus-related deaths and 169 new confirmed and probable infections across the state, bringing the state’s total since the pandemic started to 1,018 deaths and 87,514 cases.

No further information was initially available on the most recent deaths.

The state’s official coronavirus-related death toll includes 757 deaths on Oahu, 138 on the island of Hawaii, 98 in Maui, 13 in Kauai, one in Molokai, and 11 Hawaiian residents who died outside of the state.

The U.S. coronavirus-related death toll is over 776,000 today and the nationwide number of infections is more than 48.2 million.

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Today’s new confirmed and probable infection count by island includes 107 new cases in Oahu, 22 in Hawaii, 10 in Maui, 10 in Kauai, and 20 Hawaiian residents diagnosed outside of the state.

State health officials have added likely infections to the total number of cases. Likely infections include people who have never had a confirmatory test, but who are believed to have had the virus based on their known exposure and symptoms, or a positive antigen test.

Today’s count is the cases the department counted on Friday.

The total number of confirmed and probable coronavirus cases by island since the outbreak began is 59,504 in Oahu, 11,700 in Hawaii, 9,949 in Maui, 3,071 in Kauai, 246 in Molokai and 145 on Lanai. There are also 2,899 Hawaiian residents diagnosed outside of the state.

Health officials also said today that of the total number of infections in the state, 1,413 cases were considered active. Officials say they consider the infections reported in the past 14 days to be a “proxy number for active cases.” The state’s total number of active cases is up 54 today.

By island, Oahu has 772 active cases, Big Island has 239, Kauai has 188, Maui has 212, and Molokai has two.

Health officials counted 2,715,043 new COVID-19 test results on today’s balance sheet, and the state’s average 7-day positivity rate is 1.4%, according to the Hawaii COVID-19 Data Dashboard.

The average seven-day case number for Oahu is 107 and the average positivity rate for seven days is 1.2%, state health officials said today.

Due to technical issues, the state said the COVID-19 vaccine dates won’t be updated until Monday.

Of all confirmed cases of Hawaii infection, 5,030 had to be hospitalized, with 12 new hospitalizations reported today.

Thirty hospitalizations in the total statewide are residents of Hawaii who have been diagnosed and treated outside of the state. Of the 5,000 hospital admissions within the state, 3,867 were on Oahu, 605 on Maui, 426 on the Big Island, 89 on Kauai, eight on Molokai and five on Lanai.

According to the latest information from the department’s Hawaii COVID-19 Data Dashboard, a total of 37 patients with the virus were in hospitals in Hawaii as of Friday, nine in intensive care units and seven on ventilators.


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