Ferenc Jakab: 100 percent that the Omicron variant appears in Hungary – nach Welt

“It was predictable that such a severe and multiregional mutation would develop in areas where vaccination is low, so that the virus could actually reproduce indefinitely. That’s how it happened, ”he said on the show Jakab Ferenc.

The expert added that a new version of the coronavirus called the Omicron variant may be known to have 50 mutations in the virus, 32 of which were related to the spike protein. That’s a lot compared to that there are a total of 8 mutations in the delta variant.

When asked by András Sváby whether pharmaceutical companies can be expected to start developing the anti-omicron drug in a matter of seconds, the virologist replied:

They are sure that they are working on it and that the switch will be possible in a few weeks because the technology is in hand.

The omicron variant is already present in several countries. the According to the NNK press office the Omicron variant has not yet been detected in the samples available from the National Public Health Center in Hungary. At the same time, Ferenc Jakab sees little chance that the mutation will not show up at home.

This does not mean that there will be a mass infection,

If we step in and study the genetic structure of native viruses, it may be more important than ever, ”explained the virologist, who said that until developing countries catch up with vaccines, more and more variants will arrive.

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