Deception, Pajero Sport’s intention to sell was taken away, the perpetrators pretended to be haggling over the price – archyde – Instead of making money, Mitsubishi owners Pajero Sport deceived the buyer.

The reason is that the Pajero Sport intended for sale with the number B1937PJO was taken away by the prospective buyer.

For your information, this incident was witnessed by Pradipta Aji Pradana, 21, a young man from Solo who currently lives in the village of Madegondo, Grogol. Sukoharjo.

The head of Grogol Sector Police AKP Dodiawan via Criminal Police Ipda Didik Yuli said the incident occurred on Friday (11/26/2021) near the BCA Solo Baru office.

“So the person concerned wanted to sell his car first on Sunday (November 14th, 2021) by placing an ad on Facebook,” he explained by phone (November 27th, 2021).

The Criminal Police said that from the complaint, a potential buyer who claimed his name was Susilo Pujo contacted the victim and generally acted like a potential buyer.

On Wednesday (November 24th, 2021) the perpetrator even visited the victim’s house to check the condition of the vehicle and to complete documents such as STNK and BPKB.

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The next day, Didik said, the perpetrator contacted the victim again via WhatsApp and said he would be back on Friday. There were also price negotiations.

“From the victim’s confession, the car was offered 395 million rupees. The perpetrator came back around 10am on Friday and negotiated the price, ”he said.

According to him, the perpetrator had offered the car for Rp 365 million. But at the end of the deal and agreed for Rp 386.5 million.

After the agreement was made, the perpetrator took the victim to the BCA Bank Office to make the payment.

“The perpetrator also took a queue number from the bank. At that time, however, the perpetrator borrowed the victim’s car key on the grounds that he had left his savings account in the car, ”he said.


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