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Auckland cinemas are preparing to open after being closed for more than 100 days, but going to the cinema will be a different experience under the traffic light system. Here is what you can expect.

Auckland cinemas – along with many companies – had to close on August 17th when the country was locked down. Unlike many stores that have since opened as restrictions were eased, cinemas have remained closed.

But their doors will reopen on December 3rd when the country switches to the traffic light system, formally to the Covid-19 protective framework. The Monterey Cinema in Takapuna on the north coast of Auckland plans to open its doors on December 2nd at exactly 11:59 p.m. – the minute New Zealand moves into the next phase.

It shows the new 007 movie at 12:07 p.m. The latest James Bond movie No time to die is headlining theaters across town, with Eternals, Dune, a boy named Christmas and Poison: Let there be slaughter can also be seen in many cinemas.

Daniel Craig als James Bond.
Photo: Nicola Taube

Jane Campions Power of the dog is the first screening at Academy Cinemas at noon and a preview of The French shipping, scheduled for 6.30 p.m., is already sold out.

Cinemas have told customers the past few months have been difficult, but they look forward to reopening and welcoming people back and are taking additional measures to ensure a safe and comfortable environment.

Auckland will switch to “red” within the framework, and other areas of the country with low vaccination rates are likely to follow suit. Though there are differences in how cinemas work under “Red” and “Orange”, both settings indicate that they must use the My Vaccine Pass for general public screenings. Staff must verify people’s vaccination records before entering the premises, and it is recommended that you verify this by checking ID as well.

As the government has announced, no area will begin in “green”, which means that only vaccinated people or people under the age of 12 can go to public screenings – not just in Auckland but across the country.

However, movie theaters can hold “gatherings” (private groups where attendees are known to each other) without using My Vaccine Pass. The number is limited to 25 under ‘red’ and ’50’ in ‘orange’ zones, according to Advice from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

Benedict Cumberbatch as Phil in The Power of the Dog.

Benedict Cumberbatch in Jane Campions The Power of the Dog.
Photo: Included / screenshot

Companies can switch between using the vaccination record and not, but must clean up between groups. All employees in all companies who use the vaccination card must be vaccinated.

When using the vaccination card in the red setting, the numbers are limited to 100 per defined space or based on a distance of 1 m – whichever is lower. People can still buy drinks and food and consume them in the theater. Masks are “encouraged”.

Matthew Timpson, who owns The Hollywood single-screen theater in Auckland’s Avondale, says the lockdown has been “pretty tough” and will also make it difficult to work under the “red” backdrop.

His team is preparing for the opening on December 3rd with a special screening of. before Faster, pussycat! Kill! Kill! moderated by the artist and designer Kristine Crabb from Gloria, who also designed a cocktail for the occasion. They have a rock night for girls planned for later in the month and a replacement for the Auckland Film Festival, which has been canceled due to Covid restrictions, is planned for January.

While it will be exciting to get back into action, Timpson doesn’t expect the money to flow in while working under the new framework.

“The movie palaces have been decimated by the extended lockdown, and there’s not much relief in sight under a red traffic light system,” he said.

“Basically, it’s very difficult to operate underneath because we have to provide all of the extra staff, we have to have people on the doorstep, we have to have ushers and extra cleaning, so for 100 people for a movie and $ 15” tickets , it kind of doesn’t work.

“We’re only doing it to put all of these things into practice. It’s a great way to prepare for when it opens up, I think. “

People have to book their tickets in advance and have to book multiple tickets at the same time if they want to sit together in a group. The groups are separated by two to three seats.

There will be someone at the door to check vaccination records and additional staff will be hired to do the cleaning. Timpson said the movie theater had recently been refurbished and now has much better air circulation.

When using “orange” vaccine passports, there is no limit to the number of people per defined room in cinemas.

With the setting “green” there are practically no restrictions when using the My Vaccine Pass. However, if the pass is not used, the number is limited to 100 people or based on a distance of 1 m – whichever is less – per defined room.

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