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Guns N ‘Roses, arguably the most iconic rock band of the late 80s and early 90s, conquered the rock scene with a renewed lead that had long been lost in the industry.

While they are generally considered a hard rock band, it’s difficult to classify them specifically into one category – known for experimenting with the genre, the band has been as good at releasing thought-provoking power ballads as they are some shredded out heavy riffs.

As such, their popularity has only developed in the last 30 years as new generations hear their iconic tracks, and with the return of Slash and Duff McKagan to the group in recent years, G’N’R are back on the brink of strength Strength as a live act.

So when you look back on their varied careers (which is certainly a way of describing the band’s lifespan), how good is your knowledge of the band’s music? Could you say which of your tracks are which of just one line? If so, then you are a master in the world of rock and roll!

But be warned, it might be harder than you think …

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