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The game of the 16th PKO Ekstraklasa football round of the 2021/2022 season between the team from Lech Pozna and the team from Warta Pozna will begin at 3 p.m. in the Municipal Stadium at ul.Bułgarska 17 in Pozna. We invite all Kolejorz fans to follow our traditional preliminary and match report LIVE from this match on the website.

LIVE report (before the game)

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Null 28 derbies in history, 13 in the Ekstraklasa, in the Ligaderby there have always been goals
Null Lech lost the last time on May 14, 1995 against Warta (1: 2 at home)
Null Lech has won the last 4 league games at home
Null Lech has not lost since September 24th, he has played a series of 8 consecutive games on 2 fronts without losing, in which he lost only 2 goals

13:36 – Good morning from Bulgarian! For the next foreplay and match report this season, straight from the stadium. Today 28 in history and 13 league games with Warta, in which only victory counts.

13:36 – We have fireworks in front of the stadium 🙂

13:36 – Both teams have been in the stadium for several minutes. A couple of first photos.

13:39 – At the moment the weather is better than expected. First of all, it’s not snowing, we have a light fog.

13:40 – We’ll be introducing the Lech squad in a moment. Douglas plays today, a change from midfield compared to the expected line-up.

1:45 p.m. – Lech’s squad downstairs.

13:47 – Null As part of the “Eye for the Game”, Amaral will appear for the second time this season.

13:56 – Null


13:57 – The fans were greeted by the announcer who reminded us that we are going to have a “Pozna Football Festival” today.

13:59 – Despite such derbies, the police still set up a water cannon in front of the stadium.

14:00 – It’s time for the derby. The elements to warm up both teams have already been prepared.

14:04 – Warta blocked access to its own gate today. Strong 1-3-6-1 that he will confidently move to 1-3-5-2 during the game.

2:10 p.m. – Lech’s goalkeepers are already warming up.

14:13 – Null It should be remembered that regardless of the result, Lech remains in the lead and is leading after the 14th run in a row. However, we all need 3 points, thanks to them it would be possible to escape Lechia with 5 stitches.

14:16 – The expected turnout today is around 23,000 fans. This is a result above the Lech season average and a very high voter turnout for the end of November.

14:25 – Both teams in warm-up.

14:42 – The stadium is filling up very slowly. The first Warta fans are already in the guest area.

14:46 – The warm-up is over. The announcer reads the statements. Some photos of the lawn in a moment.

14:56 – Null


14:58 – Lech sang his hymn, Galvanize from the loudspeakers, let’s go!

17:09 – Null Gallery update. Pictures of the binding have arrived.


LIVE report (game)

To see the changes we have made, you will need to manually update the site

Null1-15 minutes

1 minute. – Lech’s first action, a long move forward and already 6 in defense. Oh, it’s going to be difficult.
3 minutes. – Lech in position attack from the start. That’s how this whole game is going to be.
7 mins – Striking Ba Loua raid on the right, but the pass has already been won by an opponent.
10 mins. – wasted 10 minutes. Skorża was already giving the first instructions.
15 minutes. – Milicia’s cross on no one.

Null16-30 minutes

16 minutes – Null What happened here ?! The first action by Warta and Bednarek saves Lech with two great interventions.
20 minutes. – Salamon shot from a distance. No danger.
22 min. – Grains for Warta, then the Greens missed a shot.
27 min. – Ishak decided to strike from a distance, which Lis saved easily.
30 minutes. – A couple of substitutes are already warming up. Maybe there will be a change later in this half.

Null31 – 45 minutes

33 minutes – Pereira’s fatal move to Bednarek. Fortunately, our goalkeeper was able to clear the ball.
33 minutes – Null 2nd and 3rd status today:


39 minutes – we don’t play anything. This hole in the game in which Lech played has been clearly visible for several games so far.
45 min. – It will definitely get hot in Lech’s changing room. Nothing works, Warta defends in 6, we have no idea how to break through the defense.
45 min. – Until the break 0-0. It’s hard to watch.

Null46 – 60 minutes

46 minutes – Null Deadly beginning of the second half. Pressing Warta, a mistake in bringing the ball, again Bednarek saves us.
48 mins – Two easy Lechite losses in ten seconds. This is not our time.
51 minutes – Null Spectators: 22,799.
53 min. – GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO corner, Warta kicks the ball, but after Pereira has thrown in, he returns to the penalty area. Milić stood in the penalty area and scored his first goal for Lech!

Null Milic
Null Pereira

55 Min. – Null Lech scored 11 goals between 46 and 60 minutes this season, 10 of them in the league. This is Lech’s PLACE!
57 minutes – The cauldron at the waiting room after another corner.
59 minutes – Trałka blocked Ba Lou’s pass at the last moment.
60 min. – Lis intercepted two aimed shots from a distance. Lech finally pushed more boldly against the gate.

Null61 – 75 minutes

61 minutes – Null A card for Pereira.
64 min. – GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 2: 0! Kvekveskiri’s free-kick crosses directly onto Ishak’s head and it’s 2-0!

Null Isaac
Null Kvekveskiri

66 Min. – Null Czerwiński für Pereira.
66 min. – VAR in progress. I don’t think there will be a goal.
67 min. – And yet there is a goal! I think we’re game over.
67 Min. – Null Amaral went in and fired a shot. It was very close to the 3rd gate.
71 minutes – Lech has full control of the game, more space has been created on the pitch. Warta probably lost her faith.
75 Min. – Null Ramirez in Amarala, Samira in Kamińskiego.

Null76 – 90 minutes

76 minutes – The binding “Enter the Ultras” in the kettle. Photos of her soon.
76 minutes – two actions. First Skins loses a 1-on-1 duel with the goalkeeper, then the counterattack Warta by Milicia stops.
80 min. – Nice single action by Ramirez ended with a bad long-range shot.
82 minutes – Lech’s second half is better than the first.
82 minutes – Ramirez’s counterattack, after which Lechita lost the ball.
84 minutes – Null Ishak for Sobiech, Marchwiński for Ba Lou.
87 minutes – The impressive rally on the left did not score 3 goals. Warta has already been completely destroyed.
87 minutes – Another action-packed action with Marchwiński hitting the bar on the right!
90 minutes – 4 minutes left and Lech wins the league game in a row for the fifth time in a row and the derby in a row with Warta for three years in a row.
90 + 2 minutes – Null Another fantastic intervention from Bednarek in this match! It would be a nice goal if it weren’t for him. Marchwiński lost the ball earlier.
90 + 4 minutes – END! It wasn’t easy for a long time, but in the end we won again! Bravo for Lech, Poznań is blue and white, Kolejorz remains the front runner and will certainly be the front runner after the first round in December. Thank you for your attention, which invites you to more on the homepage. Today up to 6 materials.


NullNull16th round of PKO Ekstraklasa 2021/2022, Sunday 28 November, hours. 15:00
NullKKS Lech Posen – Warta Posen 2: 0 (0: 0)

NullGoals: 53.Milić 64.Ishak

NullSupports: 1:0 – Pereira 2:0 – Kvekveskiri

NullYellow cards: Pereira – Kiel, Kuzimski, Papeau, Szymonowicz

NullViewers: 22799

NullJudge: Raczkowski (Warsaw)

NullTechnical judge: Ostrowski

NullJudge: Siejka, Heinig

NullVAR Judge: Lasyk, Myrmus

NullLech: Bednarek – Pereira (66th Czerwiński), Salamon, Milić, Douglas – Karlstrom, Kvekveskiri – Ba Loua (84th Marchwiński), Amaral (75th Ramirez), Kamiński (75th Skin) – Ishak (84th Sobiech).

NullReserves: Mrozek, Satka, Czerwiński, Kozubal, Marchwiński, Murawski, Kryształś, Ramirez, Sobiech.

NullNews: Lis – Szymonowicz, Ivanov, Trałka – Grzesik, Kupczak, Kopczyński, Czyż (62. Kuzimski), Papeau (88. Czyżycki), Kiełb (62. Matuszewski) – Zrelak (88. Sangowski).

NullReserves: Grobelny, Małek, Sangowski, Matuszewski, Burman, Fiedosewicz, Czyżycki, Corryn, Kuzimski.

NullCaptains: Ishak – sausage

NullSettings: 1-4-2-3-1 – 1-6-3-1

NullTrainer: Skorża – Szulczek

NullObservation “eye on the game”: Amaral

NullCondition of the lawn: Good (flat slope)

NullWeather: + 1 ° C, cloudy

NullStars: Stadtstadion (ul. Bułgarska 17, Posen)

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