Barcelona has installed speed cameras for cyclists – archyde

Tested a few years ago in countries like France, speed cameras are officially used for the first time in a major European city in Barcelona.

In an interview with the Spanish television broadcaster Betevé, Laia Bonet, Deputy Mayor of Mobility in Barcelona, ​​explains that speed cameras will soon be installed to check that bicycles, scooters, electric skateboards and the like are complying with the speed limits in the city.

A first test will take place on a bike path in the city center before it is rolled out to other parts of Barcelona. It is important to note, however, that the purpose of this maneuver is by no means to punish (for now), but to raise awareness among cyclists.

The idea is to develop so-called “educational” speed cameras, i.e. devices that show cyclists their speed in real time with a happy or sad smiley to indicate whether they are within the 20 km / h limit.

In addition to public transport, the city has also been promoting the use of bicycles for longer journeys for years. The city already has more than 200 kilometers of cycle paths and numerous parking spaces on the street.

Currently, speed cameras, which are supposed to monitor the speed of cars in Paris, also “flash” cyclists who drive at more than 30 km / h without risking a fine. – AFP Relaxnews


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