After falling asleep drunk, I almost died forgetting to change my tampon. – To world

One TEEN claims she almost died of alcohol poisoning after falling asleep drunk and forgetting to change her diaper.

Ellie Makin claimed she had Toxic Shock Syndrome but was quickly discharged by doctors when she sought help in a hospital.

Ellie Makin spent five days in the hospital after developing toxic shock syndromePhoto credit: Kennedy News


According to the teenager, she was released from the hospital because she had “cold flu”Photo credit: Kennedy News

The 18-year-old claimed she was sent home by doctors who told her she had been diagnosed with cancer. “Refreshing Flu”.

After one night, she had left her tampon in the bathroom overnight. It had been there for twelve hours.

The student experienced flu-like symptoms, nausea and dizziness. It was clear that she had toxic shock syndrome.

She couldn’t speak and fell to the ground.

Ellie said she was discharged three hours after her doctors examined her. “Discharged” She was concerned about toxic shock.

She believes her symptoms are due to a viral infection.

However, the next day she felt worse, and doctors at Tameside General Hospital confirmed that she had toxic shock syndrome. They held her there for five days.

The climate science student now urges other teenagers to “trust their gut instincts”. If you feel dismissed, get a different opinion.

Ellie, a resident of Droylsden, Greater Manchester, said she had flu-like symptoms after going out many times.

“My Apple Watch showed that my heart rate was 120 while I was lying down. Usually it’s 55. That was very worrying. I also felt dizzy and nauseous.

“I fell asleep drunk with my tampon. I left it in for twelve hours. So I googled my symptoms and found it was toxic shock.

“I told mom and she called welfare. They arrived at my door. ”They took me to the hospital after I passed out when I opened the door.

“I went to the doctor for blood tests. They told me my white blood count was high, but they couldn’t locate the source of the infection, so they released me.

“I knew it wasn’t a viral infection because it made me feel dizzy and passed out. I also told the doctors about the tampon and they did nothing.

“I feel like I was fired – they should have taken the tests and not just put it down to freshman flu.”


Toxic shock syndrome is a rare but potentially fatal condition that occurs when bacteria enter the body and release harmful chemicals.

If not treated immediately, the condition can worsen quickly and lead to organ failure or death.

Tampon users are advised to change their tampons before bed and as soon as they wake up.

The teen now claims she has long-term side effects that are not known, such as rapid hair loss and peeling of skin on her hands, feet and face.

Ellie fears these effects could last up to six months. Ellie joined online support groups made up of people who have recovered from Toxic Shock Syndrome.

She said it could have been toxic shock. Durham Hospital should have done more tests, especially considering she had left the tampon in for so long.

“You said it was a fatal disease and you are lucky to have caught it now. It was scary and angry at the way Durham Hospital treated me. “

She vows to be more careful using tampons after her terrible experience and urges others to do so.

What are the signs and symptoms of TSS?

  • High fever: 39 ° C (102 ° F) or higher
  • Flu-like symptoms can include headache, chills, muscle aches, sore throats, and muscle aches.
  • Feeling sick and / or being sick
  • diarrhea
  • A common, sunburn-like rash
  • You will see redness in your whites, lips, and tongue.
  • Dizziness, fainting and / or dizziness
  • Difficulty breathing

A spokesman for County Durham and the Darlington NHS Foundation Trust said there are cases where patients develop additional symptoms after being discharged from the hospital emergency room. This would aid specific diagnoses.

“If new symptoms appear or existing symptoms persist, we encourage patients to return to the hospital for further evaluation.

“We are sorry that Ellie is unhappy with the treatment she has received and we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this and her general experience with her, if she finds this helpful.”

The 18-year-old developed a rash and felt very uncomfortable


The 18-year-old became very unwell and developed a rash.Photo credit: Kennedy News
She said she was sent home first before returning to another hospital the next day


She claimed she was sent home first, but then returned to another hospital the next day.Photo credit: Kennedy News

I accidentally left my tampon in there for a MONTH because I put two up there without realizing it – I took a picture when I finally got it out

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