A BOLA – Three assists from Messi (one of a trivela) on Ramos’ debut and injury to Neymar (videos) (France) – archyde

That Sunday, Paris Saint-Germain defeated Saint-Éttiene 3-1, with a comeback, with three assists from Lionel Messi, in a 15th round match of the French league in which Sergio Ramos made his PSG defense debut.

The center-back returned to the game after about a half-year hiatus and makes his debut after being signed by PSG in August after leaving Real Madrid. The last game was against Chelsea on May 5, 2021; he was called up on May 22 against Villarreal, but did not play.

Danilo Pereira was the starter and Nuno Mendes didn’t leave the bench.

Also note the 87th-minute departure of Neymar, who was injured at the ankle, who scored a goal after 5 minutes that was not allowed due to offside.

In the 25th minute, Saint-Étienne’s goal was very much celebrated – the team is at the top of the table – the offer goes to the VAR and will be validated when it starts to snow.

On the sidelines of half-time, Marquinhos headed the first of two goals, 45 + 2, to Messi’s free kick shortly after Kolodzieczak was sent off.

PSG played with one more game and increased their lead in the second half, but before Neymar’s big loss at 68, which allows the defense to hit the goalkeeper, Messi shoots wide.

At 79, Di María then gave the Parisians the advantage of an archery shot at Messi’s pass from a trivela.

Marquinhos hit twice at 90 + 1, again Messi’s pass, again with the head.

PSG are 40 points clear, with Saint-Étienne in last place with 12 points.

See the goals:



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