2006 used Yamaha RX-King motorcycle auction only Rp 7 million, Brush Bro! – To world

MOTOR Plus-online.com – The State Real Estate and Auction Service Bureau (KPKNL) will auction Used motorcycles Yamaha RX-König The warning for 2006 is only 7 million Rp, brush, brother!

Yamaha RX-König The white paint is being auctioned by KPKNL Surakarta, Central Java.

The legendary 2-stroke motorcycle with red license plate number AD-6117-XA will be auctioned at the end of November 2021.

It seems like, Yamaha RX-König The assembly coming up for auction in 2006 still looks neatly dressed in white.

Some of the spare parts attached to the body are also quite original.

One of these is the scoreboard, headlight, brake light and turn signal.

Quoted from the page suction.go.id, the rectangular reflector under the fuel tank is still attached.

In addition, the front and rear shock absorbers also retain the factory settings.

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