The Frame, sold over a million units in 2021 alone – World

Samsung announced To have sold more than a million The Frame televisions in the form of a painting in 2021 and to expect total sales for the product, born in 2017, to exceed two million units by the end of the year.

An achievement that makes The Frame the most successful television in the lifestyle range, which also includes the rotating television The Sero and the outdoor television The Terrace.

the Model 2021 from The Frame has increased the onboard memory from 500MB on the 2020 model to 6GB. In addition, it is thinner (25mm) and the bezels have also been redesigned to increase the space for the picture.

The specialty of The Frame, besides the design, is the Art Store, a subscription service that gives you access to hundreds of works of art that are displayed in ambient mode when the TV is not in use. Alternatively, users can upload their own pictures to the TV.

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