Swedish The Hunter: Call of the Wild is now free on Epic – Post World

Last week existed There are no fewer than three games to download from the Epic Games Store, but this time we have to settle for one. it is The Hunter: Call of the Wild what is on menubeing developed by Expansive Worlds of Stockholm. When it went, it was Tomas who checked the game, and he gave it a steady third.

In the game we sneak around in a beautiful, open game world to hunt different animals. Wild prey includes everything from small geese to giant moose, and to find them one needs to learn about the environment in which they live and what resources they may be able to attract. Alternatively, you can simply view the beautiful and atmospheric world as a pretext for a virtual walk in the forest and on the ground. It’s free until December 2nd.

Instead, next week he will be the most dangerous hunting animal in the world: humans. Then it’s the slasher simulator Dead by daylight what applies alternatively While true: learning (), a puzzle game that teaches you about machine learning and related techniques.


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