She undoes the solution to the pain of division: Mohan Bhagwat – Nach Welt

The only solution to the pain of the division is to reverse it, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said Thursday.

“If we want to become a strong nation and contribute to the good of the world, Hindu society must become capable. Bharat ke vibhajan ki peeda ka samadhan, vibhajan ko nirast karne mein hi hai (the solution to the pain of division is to undo it), ”the RSS quoted Bhagwat at a book launch in Noida.

The book “Vibhajan Kalin Bharat ke Sakshi” (The Witnesses of the India of the Partition Period) was written by Krishnanand Sagar.

“The RSS chief also said that this is India from 2021, not 1947. The division has happened once, it will not happen again. Those who think so will face division themselves, ”the RSS statement read. According to Bhagwat, everyone should read the story and accept its truth.

“Indian ideology is about taking everyone with you. It’s not about claiming to be right and proving others are wrong, ”he said. “In contrast, the thought process of Islamic extremists is to prove the opposite to others and to believe that they are right. This has been the main reason for the struggle in the past. “

The program was led by retired Allahabad High Court Judge Shambhu Nath Srivastav. The RSS statement said he had spoken about the Hindu genocide to this day.


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