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BARI – Giovanni Miniello, Gynäkologe in Bari, Italy accused of offering sex with a patient and claiming a cure for the human papillomavirus (HPV) of which the patient is suspected.

According to a local newspaper report, Miniello, also known as “Dr. Magic Flute, ”said the patient, a 33-year-old woman, that she appears to have HPV, which can be transmitted through sexual contact and cause cancer. This claim was made by Miniello even though the woman’s Pap smear was negative.

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“I saved many women from cancer. Everyone I came in contact with was negative afterwards, ”he told the woman Sputnik.

However, the patient then contacted the newspaper The RepublicShe claims Miniello touched her breasts and offered to have sex when she asked about the results of a pap smear.

He also contacted “Le Lene,” an investigative newscast that hired an actress to play a patient, to verify the allegations made against Miniello.

The gynecologist told the actress that evidence of the presence of HPV had been found in her cervix. He claimed sex gave the woman immunity because she had been vaccinated.

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Miniello also reportedly told the actress that using a condom during sex would interfere with the “transmission” of her antibodies.

When the doctor was half-naked and apparently thought he was going to have sex with the “patient”, he was suddenly confronted by a journalist. Miniello is reported to have said: “I’m doing this for my studies – and for the others I have saved.”

Miniello also reportedly insisted that he never forced women to have sex with him and only “suggested alternative treatments that have paid off”.

“I who have successfully treated hundreds of women for over 40 years … only propose alternative medicine that has paid off,” the lewd doctor said of his lawyer.

Several women have contacted the Center for Nonviolence in Bari and said that they are “in the same situation,” said the center’s coordinator, Marika Massara.

“Some are considering reporting it, others are afraid, also because the rate of secondary victimization we are seeing is very high,” added Massara.

Bari prosecutors have also reportedly started an investigation into the case.


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