Lauren Goodger gives her daughter Larose solid food after “stress affects her milk flow” – archyde

Lauren Goodger, 35, explained why she started giving solid foods to her baby Larose.

On Instagram Stories, the beautiful mother of one child, who recently showed off her Christmas tree, was seen rocking her cute daughter when she told her 788,000 followers that she was hit by “stress”.

“I’m a breastfeeding mom, she feeds on demand, but I’ve spoken to a couple of midwives – NHS and private – trust me, I’ve held out for as long as possible.

“I’ve had quite a bit of stress lately and my milk flow has been low and she was really hungry so I thought I might give her less milk or feed her.

Lauren Goodger, 35, explained why she started giving solid foods to her baby Larose

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“I obviously went for the healthier option and fed it. You can have these products and foods from four months.

“I don’t give her the full meal. I gave her a bit of a mashed banana, not the extra sugar rusks she absolutely loved, and those organic bags from Ella’s Kitchen.

“Then I’ll prepare some fresh food for her and mash it.”

Lauren said she had “been in a lot of stress lately.”
Little Larose was seen in a pink outfit
Little Larose was seen in a pink outfit

Lauren could be seen sitting with her hair in a ponytail and black t-shirt cradling her daughter, who was wearing an adorable pink outfit, as they pulled some I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!

The star showed off some bags from Ella’s Kitchen and admitted that she “tried them out”.

Lauren’s “Stress” comes shortly after it was revealed that she and Larose’s father, Charles Drury, went their separate ways.

Lauren shared what she fed her toddler
Lauren shared what she fed her toddler
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A source close to Lauren told us that she called their relationship some time ago – and she’s shocked at the timing of his testimony.

“Lauren and Charles broke up weeks ago,” our source revealed. “They were no longer compatible. She is really stressed out as Larose is in the hospital with a serious illness. She didn’t expect him to announce the breakup while she was going through this really difficult time. “

Our source added, “He had weeks to do this – why did he do this now?”

Charles Drury recently shared a new snap of his young daughter Larose as he said she gave him “strength” amid the split with Lauren Goodger

On Instagram Stories, 24-year-old builder Charles told followers that he and Lauren “have decided to go their separate ways.”

He continued, “For the sake of our daughter, things must be civil. Lauren is a great mom and when it comes to Larose we care about both so she will still see us both. I would appreciate if people could stop being busy and put in their 2p as there is no drama involved here. ”

It came just moments after Lauren revealed that her young daughter had been hospitalized for three days with an illness believed to be a virus or infection.

Lauren and Charles recently went their separate ways

She said Larose was now “on the mend,” but admitted that these were the “toughest” days of her life and that she was struggling to fall asleep. It also appears the couple share parenting, as Lauren revealed that they take turns staying in the hospital with the tot.

“It was such a scary time for Lauren,” our source said. “Her priority is Larose and making sure she gets better and leaves the hospital as soon as possible.”

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