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Corona not only rules the real world, it also seems to infect our beloved gaming world. That was exactly our escape from reality. So no more. Because there is something going on GTA 5. There are often enough videos on the internet of certain RPG elements in the online version of the game. You can give it your all as an agent or just work for the defense. And now a new part has been added. You can get vaccinated in-game. This affects the Brazilian version of GTA 5. In the game, they ask you to get vaccinated. When you do this, you can spend some in-game extras.

Queue in-game for your Pfizer shot

Sounds like a good joke, but it’s actually true. In Brazil, COVID is a big problem and many people are not vaccinated. That’s why the Pfizer company tries to use the GTA 5 role-playing game server. In this way they are trying to get a higher vaccination rate. And guess what? There are literally rows in the game. The pickers even created a special hashtag. The # InGameVaccine-Challenge. Will this COVID help out of the country?

Take a picture with your GTA 5 online character

As part of this special in-game mission, players can have their characters vaccinated at one of Pfizer’s vaccination centers. This is the Cidade Alt game. This is the largest and most popular GTA-RP server in Latin America. It is also recommended that you take pictures of your character in-game. You will then receive a special logo. You also get a sticker in real life. So you can take a picture together and show that you have been vaccinated.

Could that be a good idea in the Netherlands too? Or total shit? Let me know in the comments. And you know it. You don’t have to agree, but always respect the other’s opinion.

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