Foundation helps more than 1,200 people to hear again

Since 30 years ago, Gonzalo Corvera, president and founder of TIME (Mexican Association for Hearing “Ayúdanos a Oír”), supports the hearing impaired and has helped more than 1,200 people to hear again.

“I founded because, when I started putting cochlear implants, I was one of the first in the world. For more than 10 years there was no one else and it is an expensive device that insurance does not cover, so I started looking for help to be able to cover whoever needed it ”, he shared.

This implant is used when the common assistive device no longer works for people who are losing their hearing.

Added that help anyone who has a hearing problem and does not have the funds to pay, they do socioeconomic studies.

Although the office is located in Mexico City, there they serve patients from all over the Republic. What’s more, this weekend he opened a branch in Guadalajara. “In shape yes it is the first branch outside of Mexico City. Now, in Guadalajara, they will have direct advice, as we are leaders in the matter, “he said.

Corvera also announced that next year they will continue with projects to combat the backwardness in ear surgeries in all states.

He pointed out that, normally, 20 to 30 people operate each day, depending on the available operating rooms and are carried out through hospitals.

In case help is required, people can contact them with their data through [email protected] or through social networks: on Twitter as @amaoir and in Facebook as AMAOIR Asociación Mexicana para la Audición “Help us to hear” AC


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