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The decision on the petition to cancel the presidential candidacy of former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos has been delayed as the electoral commission (Comelec) said that there were outstanding issues to be resolved first.

On Friday Comelec held a preliminary conference on the application for the cancellation of the candidacy (COC) of Marcos from Fr. Christian Buenafe et al. The electoral body has not yet instructed the Marcos camp and the petitioners to submit their respective memoranda, said Comelec spokesman James Jimenez.

“There are still open incidents. Pending incidents relates to the requests for interventions as well as the request for oral submissions. Sabi ng Comelec, since these matters are still pending, we will wait for them to be resolved before giving you the deadline to submit your memoranda, ”Jimenez said at a press conference.

“So wait muna tayo (we’ll wait). Again, this is in contrast to what we expected at the beginning when we told you that after the pre-conference you have three days to submit your memoranda, ”he added.

“Hindi po muna mangyayari iyon (It won’t happen yet) because Meron ngang (there are) pending applications / incidents. Once that is clarified, we will talk about the timeframe for filing your memoranda, ”he continued.

Jimenez said Comelec will not be available for this petition next week.

“The decision really isn’t going to be made next week, sure iyan (that’s for sure),” he said.

When asked whether Comelec would issue the resolution for this petition before the planned publication of the official candidate list in December, Jimenez replied: “Posible pad din. can’t rule out this possibility, but again ‘di natin alam (It’s still possible. Can’t rule out this possibility, but again, we don’t know yet). “

In a previous television interview, Jimenez said they are not delaying resolving this petition against Marcos.

“We need to remember that there is due process, which means that just because one side said something should happen doesn’t necessarily mean it should happen immediately. There will be due process, especially if you are trying to knock someone out. If you try to knock someone out, you deserve the opportunity to defend yourself, to defend your candidacy, ”he said.

“It’s not about making the disqualification easier because you don’t want the person. The point here is to find out whether the person should be disqualified … Comelec will only disqualify if there is a reason to disqualify that person. We have to realize that Kung may be arguing (if there is a reason), ”he added.

The petition was submitted to Comelec on November 2nd. The petitioners alleged that the Marcos COC contained “several false material representations”.

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