Amaroír AC: The testimony of Valentina Mora

How did this implant change your life?

Before I got the implant I felt like I was listening well but I noticed the difference until I had the implant. When they put it on me I realized that I was listening more clearly, I had a better quality of life, at school I understood much better, I raised my average, I listened to more things, I made more friends, because really with the devices, even if I listened, it was not the same ” .

Valentina attended an event to share her life testimony / Photo: Tony Martínez

If you put it from 1 to 10, what number would an auxiliary device have as opposed to the implant?

“It depends on what hearing you have but in my case as I was losing my hearing my device no longer worked, then I’d give the braces 7.5 and the implant a 10, because I already hear perfectly ”.

How is the implant process, within your family?

“As I had the auxiliary devices and my parents realized that I was losing my hearing, they had to take the recommendation of more doctors and all the opinions were that they already implanted me but my parents always tried to opt for the last resort before the implant . They were scared by the fact that it was an operation.

You got scared?

“I was very young, I was seven years old when they told them to implant me, but that happened until I was 10 years old. I only followed my parents, but I realized that they were scared. Until they made up their minds because they knew about other cases of implanted people and they saw that it was wonderful ”.

How does the implant work?

I have a cablecito implanted in the cochlea, to the part of the brain, where is the function of the ear. I have a device inside – a minicomputer – with a magnet, like a clasp to hold the magnet on the outside. I just put it on and listen ”.

Valentina Mora accompanied by her parents, who have been her great support / Photo: Tony Martínez

Is there any follow-up?

At the beginning I went every month to Mexico to have it calibrated, until it was spaced out over time. When I had it more calibrated, I had to go after a year, but the therapy process had also passed “.

How did you experience this with your classmates at school?

“My parents were afraid of bullying, because she was deaf, but I had many friends who supported meOnce my parents went to inform the school in a talk about how everything worked, so my friends, my generation is very beautiful, they helped me a lot. Thanks to them, I haven’t had a bad time ”.

The implant improved his quality of life / Photo: Courtesy I. Ramírez

What would you say to those who have not yet decided on this implant?

“Sometimes the process can be scary due to the fact that you have surgery, but they have to go straight to the implant, they really don’t know how clearly they are going to hearI recommend that you do wear it, be patient and think positive ”.



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