Vladimir Putin tests nasal vaccine against COVID-19 – archyde

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that he had received an experimental nasal coronavirus vaccine three days after his booster. Russia is facing the highest spike in contagion and deaths since the pandemic began.

Putin received the locally made Sputnik-V vaccine in the middle of the year. On Sunday, he said that he had received a booster dose of Sputnik Light and that he would like to take part in the testing of Sputnik V in its nasal version.

Denis Logunov, deputy director of the Gamaleya center, which has state funding and founded Sputnik V, told Putin that the nasal vaccine is in the testing phase and will be examined “under the supervision of staff as always”.

According to recognized scientific protocols, the vaccine must go through several phases of testing, including thousands of people, to prove that it is safe and effective.

Putin said at a government meeting on Wednesday that “exactly six months after vaccination, my level of protection (antibodies) has dropped and specialists recommend re-vaccination, and I did.”

He said the nasal vaccination didn’t bother him.

In the past few weeks, Russia has suffered the highest peak of COVID-19, registering new records of contagion and deaths almost daily.

Immunization rates are low and public attitudes towards precautionary measures are negligent.

Less than 40% of the 140 million Russians are fully vaccinated, despite the fact that the country approved a locally made vaccine months ahead of the rest of the world.

The state commission for the coronavirus reported 33,558 new cases and 1,240 deaths.

The official total since the pandemic began is more than 9.4 million cases and more than 267,000 deaths, by far the highest numbers in Europe.

Some experts believe the real numbers are higher.


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