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This article is over a month old and may contain outdated advice from authorities about coronary artery disease.

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Hospitals across the country are reporting major capacity problems. Some hospitals have introduced hospitalization.

In Rogaland, SUS and Haugesund hospitals have reported reported capacity losses and overcrowded wards.

They just held a press conference at Stavanger University Hospital to provide information about the situation.

The hospital has now moved to the yellow level.

– There is a large influx of patients not directly related to coronary artery disease. At times there is talk of twice as many inpatients as we expected, says Eldar Søreide, Director of the SUS.

Yesterday the University Hospital of Stavanger sent a message to the emergency services and the management of the city health service.

In the message, they demand that all admissions for the rest of the week and the weekend be extra carefully checked. At the same time, they are calling on the municipalities to swiftly admit patients who are ready to be discharged.

The reason is a mixture of many infections with both the corona and RS viruses and many sick leave in the hospital.

– We have the impression that the municipalities are required to balance the various considerations, but we are missing clearer signals as to what society can accept from an infection, says Lars Kåre Kleppe, chief doctor for infection control at SUS.

More than 160 children were admitted in November. The highest number of hospitalized children used to be around 90. But then you have to turn back the time by several years.

No more infected on North Jæren

In Stavanger, 58 new cases of coronary artery disease have been registered in the past 24 hours. Together with January 8th of this year, this is the highest daily infection rate since the beginning of the pandemic.

A total of 85 new cases of infection were registered in Nord-Jæren.

  • Stavanger – 58 Infection case
  • Sandnes – 16 case of infection
  • So 11 cases of infection

Never before have there been more infections on Nord-Jæren than in November this year.

The RS virus has also made it particularly challenging for the hospital. In November it has

Overcrowded children’s ward

In Haugesund, the problems are mainly related to the children’s ward, which has been overcrowded for a long time.

You have asked for guidance for parents in the hope that the contagion in children and adolescents can be reduced.

The infection on Haugalandet is also high.

In Haugesund, 18 new cases of coronary artery disease were registered in the past 24 hours and 34 new cases in Karmøy.

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