Sparta mainly needs a psychologist and a group of bodyguards, Slavia carries a championship soccer ball – archyde

It is clarified, the basic phase is reaching the final. The hopes of the Czech clubs for advancement from the groups in the Cup Europe are bookmakers 1.9: 1 in Sparta, 1.25: 1 in Slavia and 1.5: 1 in Jablonec. Aren’t the odds too optimistic?

Sparta face the group’s key game against the Rangers. “Maybe this is no longer a job for coach Vrba but for a skilled psychologist and a group of bodyguards guarding the team on the islands. To eliminate the debacle in Slovácko and to be successful in the cauldron of the stadium in Glasgow, where a real, hopeful football match awaits the Spartans, you need a real Spartan heart, ”says Petr Urbanec, Tipsport bookmaker.

Sparta are underdogs at 4.83: 1, but a 3.72: 1 tie would do the trick. “The point would add a lot to Sparta. In the last lap, the last Brondby hosts will receive, while the Rangers will start on the way of the sovereign of the Lyon group ”, adds Urbanec.

Four points from two games is a good step towards promotion to the Europa League, says coach Pavel VrbaVideo:

“The Letna people exploded in Slovácko over the weekend, so Pavel Vrba has something to think about. The new Rangers trainer Giovanni van Bronckhorst, who recently took over the team after Steven Gerrard, is still getting to know him. He watched the defeat with Hibernian from the stands, so he will try all the more to win his debut against Sparta, ”added Michal Hanák, Fortuna’s main bookmaker.

15% of bettors believe Sparta will mature in the Rangers. 80% of the bettors bet on the Scottish victory and 5% of the tipsters believe in a draw.

“Sparta plays attacking football with a lot of goals scored, as do Rangers games. Bettors assume that at least two goals will be scored on both sides, which they often bet at odds of 1.31: 1, ”says Markéta Světlíková, Chance spokeswoman.

Tipsters expect retaliation

After the failed autumn start, the staplers returned to the wave of winners. But Feyenoord, who ranks third in the Dutch Eredivisia, is also in excellent shape. A win would strengthen Slavia’s second place in the table, otherwise the situation could get even more complicated.

We had an uncomfortable time, but we’re a different team than in Rotterdam, says Jindřich TrpišovskýVideo:, SK Slavia Prague

“Slavia is obviously getting into masterful shape. In the league she shows that she will not spoil her way to the title, and in the cup she is well placed to move up from the group. But she will have two tough games at home with Feyenoord and Union Berlin in the end. Slavia failed in Rotterdam, but things changed after a few weeks, so 82% of bettors believe that the loss will pay off in Eden Feyenoord and will keep the lead ahead of the Union-Maccabi Haifa pair, ”he reflects on possible scenarios the Urbanec group.

“Stitchers have won their last two league games. First 5-0 against Pardubice, on Sunday they defeated Jablonec with the same result. The attack phase works for the team, regardless of whether the goals are scored by Kuchta, Lingr or Olayinka. In goal, coach Trpišovský found a new security in Aleš Mandous. Then there are the home fans and it turns out that Feyenoord doesn’t expect anything easy, ”advises Hanák.

“After the odds of 1.82: 1, more than 2 goals were scored,” recalls Světlíková.

The council deals with one topic at a time

Jablonec continues to fail in the domestic competition. After two draws against the Danish Randers, however, he is hoping for second place. In addition, Alkmaar does not shine in the league, he is twelfth in the table.

“Petr Rada solves one problem after the other. Tomáš Hübschman has returned to the starting XI since retaliatory with Randers to give the team calm and insight from an experienced defensive midfielder. We’ll see in the evening whether it works against Alkmaar, ”says Hanák.

Jablonec believes that 5% of the bettors are in the game, 85% bet that there will be more successful guests in the game, the remaining 10% of the bets go to the draw.

“A tip on the exact number of 2-5 goals at the rate of 1.37: 1 is also common,” notes Světlíková.


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