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Simon’s film “The Year Before the War” was shown at several major foreign festivals – Nach Welt

The latest feature film by Dāvis Sīmanis “A year before the war“Currently shown at more than 10 festivals, the film team travels to Tallinn this week – the only Class A festival in Northern Europe“ Black Nights ”.

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According to Kristīne Matīsa, a representative of the National Film Center, “Delfi” premiered at the prestigious Rotterdam International Film Festival; it is one of the most traditional A festivals in Europe. The film has just premiered at the Cottbus Festival, which in recent years has developed into one of the three leading international film festivals in Germany. The focus is on strong Central and Eastern European films, with particular emphasis on the high-profile socio-political or historical stories of the region’s qualities of film.

“After watching the film, the German viewer is always very open to the discussion, so that the director can listen with interest to the views, evaluations and questions on the subject of the film. That was no exception, and in Cottbus, where there were a lot of viewers, the audience also welcomed the film very much, which is of course important for the author, ”recounts the experiences that were made at the festival. Dāvis Sīmanis.

In November, “The Year Before the War” continues the life of the successfully launched festival – last week the film visited the “Camerimage” festival, which pays special attention to the work of the cameraman and selects films that are characterized by their visual quality – a special honor for cameraman Andrejs Rudzats. This week, November 26th, the film will be screened at the “Black Nights” International Film Festival in Tallinn, which is not only the largest film event in the Baltic States, but also the only Class A festival in Northern Europe. This year the festival is celebrating its 25th anniversary and the latest Dāvis Sīmanis film will be included in the Baltic competition program, which is a great recognition for the entire film team, says Matīsa.

About the success of the film, Robert Vinovsky said: “I am very satisfied with the evaluation that we get from viewers, colleagues and film critics at the festivals. Today we live with the feeling that we are facing a big change, so it’s worth it. ”“ I think we managed to create a work that viewers can return to in many years. ”

It was planned that the film “The Year Before the War” should appear on the screens in Latvian cinemas as early as November this year. Director Dāvis Sīmanis also regrets that the premiere in Latvia had to be postponed: “The film has already been shown at many festivals, but I have not yet had the opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who selflessly worked on our film!” The filmmaking team hopes to see their viewers early next year.

Photo: shot from the film

The focus of the historical thriller “The Year Before the War” is the young Pēteris Mālderis, one of the most mysterious Latvians of the 20th century. The story of the film tells of his tragic and surreal journey in 1913, just before the start of World War I, a time that changed the world. The plot is based on the intrigue of a conspiracy that Peter is trying to solve, but at the same time the various twists and turns of the story reflect real historical events, so the main character of the film is based on a number of well-known historical figures – Lenin Johansons), Trocki (Gints Grāvelis) and Prustu (Jānis Putniņš), as well as the beloved wife Alma (Inga Apine), crazy intelligence (Juris Strenga) and other notable characters. The film is an interpretation of European history that tells of the fall of an ancient culture.

The creative core of the film consists of director and screenwriter Dāvis Sīmanis, cameraman Andrejs Rudzāts and artist Kristīne Jurjāne. The creative team has already made the films “Ash Sanatorium” (2016) and “Father’s Night” (2018).

The film “The Year Before the War” is a co-production of three countries – “Studio Uljana Kim” from Lithuania and “Produkce Radim Prochazka” from the Czech Republic join forces with Studio “Lokomotīve”. On the Lithuanian side, the creative team includes the film composer, the sound director and the leading light artist, while on the Czech side Peter Buhta and the film’s editor Anna Rindova are represented. The film received financial support from the National Film Center.

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