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Players breathe freely

Aija Kaukule, Latvijas Avīze, JSC Latvijas Mediji

On Tuesday, November 23rd, the 135th birthday of Eduards Smiļģis, the most outstanding performances of the past theater season were honored in the Daile Theater.

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After a long silence of the “Players’ Night” greeting in the direction of the Daile Theater, it triumphed this year and received six of the 13 “Nails of the Stage”, including the “Grand Prix” or the award for the best performance at Viesturs Kairiss and Māra Zālītes production “Smile”.

Celebrate the heirs of Smilga

“Now you know who the best theater is!” A moment after the ceremony, a real cry of joy broke out in the auditorium at the artistic director of the Daile Theater, director Viesturs Kairis.


“Smiļģis’ birthday is celebrated internally, personally, in the Daile Theater,” said the poet and playwright Māra Zālīte, adding: “Smiļgis is of course a mega-project. It’s a great holiday for every writer when a very good director comes to your work. “

“I feel like I’ve come a pretty full journey and came to light,” said Ieva Segliņa, an actress at the Daile Theater who received Rainis’ role on the show “Smile” shortly after receiving the theater award, smiled happy.

“On the one hand we had to get rid of the fear of Rain, on the other hand I felt that I had to keep it. It’s nice that it worked and that the jury noticed, ”said the actress.

It is double the pleasure that the Ieva Prize was unexpectedly presented by her partner, National Theater actor Artūrs Krūzkops.

“I was tortured for two weeks and didn’t tell my husband about the award, and then, to my surprise, I get my first Players’ Night award from my husband! The actress doesn’t hide her enthusiasm, but Artūrs, who is next door, adds: “I’m very proud. It was such a beautiful moment that will be remembered as a great day. “

“There aren’t many moments like this in the actor’s life,” says Vita Vārpiņa, the outstanding actress of the Daile Theater, quietly after the ceremony.

“It is a great pleasure to be able to do something valuable in his acting profession in this empty time. You always have to do something special to receive this award. The actress often doesn’t get roles like she did on the show “Doctor” – maybe only once in her life. “

The jury lifted the brave into the sun

When the winners are announced, Edīte Tišheizere, theater critic and scientist, is ready to report on the jury’s work. It turns out that the spear is broken the most because there are only 12 awards, but wanted to highlight something that has not been the case before.

“For example, I fought for six prizes for one prize! It seemed that this unified work was so unusual for the Daile Theater, which is not an ensemble but a starter theater.

E. Tišheizere also reveals that the jury was unanimous in the performance of “Smiļģis” by the Daile Theater and the performance “My Neighbor is a Jew” by the Rezekne Theater “Joriks” as well as the Daile theater actresses Vita Vārpiņa and Ieva Segliņa . has excellent.

“We managed to show the things where the artist stepped out of his usual area. Satisfaction that we have expanded the boundaries of the theater, for example with the chamber opera “Gift” by Rein and Krista Dzudzilo, Elīna Gediņa and Krista Auznieks [balva kontrtenoram Jānim Šipkēvicam]. The second is that we defined each award and it was a good challenge for us. “

“We have already discussed with Ojārs Rubens that perhaps we should not just follow the fact that there are still nominations, but have to do something differently, because theater is not a sport. Perhaps there is no need to make the awards look like an Oscar at any cost, and perhaps this year’s format suggests a different path in the future. In every format of jury work, the decisions will ultimately be subjective, so this is “Players’ Night, not a race for medals”, says theater historian Jānis Siliņš, assessing the process of awarding theater prizes.

Reviews of the Players’ Night ceremony at the Daile Theater, designed by director Laura Groza and screenwriter and Valmiera theater actor Mārtiņš Meiers, vary, but there are more to be welcomed.

Although the faces of those present – theater people, cultural workers, politicians as well as President Egils Levits and his wife Andras Levite, Riga City Councilor Oleg Burov, Saeima MP Kārlis Šadruskas and others – were covered with black masks and glass barriers, the holiday feeling was not stifled.


However, one has to admit that the silent applause for the speech by Minister of Culture Naur Puntulis in the hall reminded one again of the two-year “open-closed” stage in theater life.

“Black masks are symbolic of this time. It is also recognized that Ojārs Rubens said that there will be no balls because one should not drink champagne during the mayor, ”said Rūta Muktupāvels, Rector of the Latvian Academy of Culture, on the evening after the event.


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