Many helped with heart operations, rehab (letter) | Letters to the Editor – Nach Welt

I had an open heart surgery six months ago.

The first group I am grateful to is Dr. Robert Wenger and his team for the successful implementation of a triple bypass. The next group I want to thank are the nurses and staff in the ICU and 5 East of Lancaster General Hospital. For a week these people used their professional skills to attend to all of my needs.

One month after surgery, I started 36 rehab sessions for 12 weeks at the Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Cardiac Rehabilitation Center. The nurses and therapists there have guided and encouraged me to become stronger and healthier. They are real professionals too. They wanted me to promise to continue my recovery by using the same equipment in the Brethren Village where I live.

Next, I want to thank my family and all of my friends for their prayers and words of encouragement. But I am very grateful to my wonderful wife Friedlinde for the love and concern she has shown me over the past 55 years.

Lancaster County is blessed to have excellent medical facilities for which we should all be grateful. Take the time today and every day to thank someone who has helped you.

God bless you all.

David Ebersole

Stadt Manheim


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