Macedonia’s attorney general: I saw plastic hoses that didn’t burn – archyde

Macedonian authorities take biological material from relatives for DNA testing

The thesis about the tubes is speculation that the Bulgarian prosecutor is working on it, said Mr.RS Macedonia’s chief prosecutor, Lubomir Joveski, told BTV that during an inspection of the burned-out goiter bus, he saw plastic hoses that had not been burned.

The chief prosecutor said that biological material was being taken from relatives of the dead in Macedonia in order to conduct DNA tests and identify the bodies. He said I didthe prosecutor’s office of the acedonian public prosecutor’s office will not be activated until the bulgarian public prosecutor’s office has investigated the case, as it will not find anything parallel. At the moment the Macedonian is and the Bulgarian public prosecutor’s office is cooperating well, added Yoveski.

It is not yet known whether the cause of the crash was human error or a bus incident. According to him, the fatal bus is new, only three years old and underwent a technical inspection in October.


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