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Kyte Baby posted a public apology on TikTok after an employee landed it in hot water this week.

The popular baby brand makes baby pajamas, bamboo sleeping bags and slings and is in today, Poosh and Forbes.

Kyte Baby has built a large social media presence with 555,000 followers on Instagram and 46,000 on TikTok.

The brand founded by Ying Liu was recently struck down because of a post by one of their TikTok employees.

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Kyte Baby apologizes to TikTok

Kyte Baby’s Ying Liu went to TikTok on Wednesday November 24th to apologize for a recent drama.

“Hey guys, this is Ying, the owner of Kyte Baby. Just wanted to tell you that today I discovered that one of our TikTok employees does not reflect the value of this company and I really want to apologize to you for the oversight, “she said.

She continued, “As a woman of color, I’ve always believed strongly in inclusivity and diversity and these are the values ​​Kyte Baby has always stood for. I apologize again for the pain this may have caused. “

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Ying then apologized for the fact that an “incorrectly sized sleeping bag” was used in one of the videos and said, “I want to assure you that sleep safety is of paramount importance to Kyte Baby.”

“Going forward, we will be paying a lot more attention to the products that are used in every partnership and social media video, and we will also be doing a lot more due diligence before doing anything,” she added.

She then revealed that they had decided to “end our professional relationship with this person,” which means the person will no longer work for the company.

What did the TikTok employee post?

It is understood that the TikTok rep who worked for Kyte Baby, McCall Deason, posted a video that was popped on TikTok.

In the clip, she was using an incorrectly sized sleeping bag for her baby, which many found unsafe.

She then posted a Video on the Kyte Baby TikTok apologizes for this.

After that, people discovered one of her old tweets saying that black girls have an attitude because they don’t have fathers.

Many supporters of Kyte Baby found this “racist”, offensive and unacceptable.

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FBI | FBI Tuesday Trailer | CBS





McCall got the drama on TikTok. addressed

McCall Deason, who worked with Kyte Baby on TikTok and promoted its products, reached out to TikTok to address the drama.

Speaking to her 1.4 million followers, she said she was doing her best to look after her baby and asked people to “stop” beating her up.

Then she addressed the old tweets her followers discovered when she was “13 or 14 years old”.

She said, “I was literally amazed and shocked, just like everyone else, because I honestly can’t remember tweeted these things. Why was I on Twitter at my age? Why do I have Twitter at all? “

“When I think about it, I don’t know why I made these tweets because I promise you 110% that I am not that person. Not only am I 22 years old, but also a mother of two, ”she continued.

“All I know for sure is that if you knew me personally, you wouldn’t think I am that person,” she added.

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