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JAKARTA – The younger generation is an active and creative generation with unlimited imagination, a generation that always offers opportunities to capture their emotions and express their feelings.

With the development of platforms for sharing photos and videos, taking photos and capturing everyday moments has become part of the lifestyle. To support this, Huawei will shortly be launching the HUAWEI nova 9. This product is guaranteed to deliver a flagship camera experience that will help the younger generation capture the best of photos and videos.

Patrick Ru, Country Head of Huawei CBG Indonesia, stated that the HUAWEI nova 9 is Huawei’s flagship mid-range smartphone that comes with a flagship-class camera and camera sensor similar to Huawei’s P-series smartphone.

“We understand that the younger generation is a generation that is always trying to express themselves through photos and videos, and to help them capture their best moments, we present the HUAWEI nova 9 which offers a superior camera at a medium price point , equipped with first class performance, ”said Patrick Ru.

Amazing flagship camera experience for every moment
If we talk about the quality of smartphone cameras, Huawei already has a good reputation for producing high quality photos, especially from the P series, and through its latest breakthrough, Huawei is introducing the HUAWEI nova 9 with a flagship-class camera that supports the Main focus for this newest HUAWEI Nova series.

HUAWEI nova 9 comes with an Ultra Vision AI quad camera system, a 50 MP Ultra Vision RYYB color filter array main camera, an 8 MP ultra wide angle camera, a 2 MP depth camera and a 4 cm macro camera.
This camera offers 40% more exposure when taking photos, which provides clearer photos with better image quality compared to other mid-range smartphones.

This smartphone also has a 32 MP selfie camera with 4K resolution with various interesting functions for video recording, which makes it very suitable for the younger generation who want to record vlogs in high quality.

Example of a HUAWEI nova 9 photo with a super low light recording function

Improved hardware synergies and flagship-class algorithms help users capture the best moments in various scenarios, even in low-light conditions.


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