Hotter! The Pancasila youth fair throws bottles at the DPR building – Nach Welt


Action called by Pancasila Jugend (PP) before the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia, Senayan, Central Jakarta, getting hotter. Several PP members threw drinking bottles at the building of the DPR RI.

monitoring at the location, at 1.40 p.m. WIB, several PP members were seen throwing bottles of mineral water into the DPR RI building. The bottles were thrown from outside the gates of the DPR RI building.

Besides, the crowd seemed to be shaking the gate. They broke into the DPR RI building while shouting: “Open … open … open the door, open the door now”.

The PP chairman of the MPC in Central Jakarta, Royan Khalifah, reminded the masses to hold back and not be provoked by emotions. He said the bottles might have hit the police manning the gates.

“Hold on, hold on! Don’t let anyone get emotional. Everyone has a command, don’t act anarchically. We are all friends of the police, ”said Royan from the command vehicle on Thursday (November 25th, 2021). ).

Royan called for PDIP to fire Junimart Girsang. The reason Junimart hurt the hearts of PP members.

“Please fire PDIP Junimart. He has the heart to demand the dissolution of Pemuda Pancasila. said Roy.

Previously, the PP crowd held a demonstration in the DVR today. They asked Junimart to apologize for his testimony asking the Home Office not to give PP permission.

“The appeal of the youth MPN Pancasila to continue the action until Junimart Girsang apologizes in the print media, online, and television ”, said MPN General Secretary Pemuda Pancasila Arif Rahman in his statement on Thursday (25.11.).

Up to 400 employees were alerted to secure the Pemuda Pancasila demonstration.

“We have taken security precautions for about 5 companies (or 500 employees) in the DPR,” said the head of the AKBP Metro Police in Central Jakarta, Guntur, when he was contacted on Thursday (25.11.2021).



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