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Even if you are familiar with that ILLUMINATED Dance Crew from their groundbreaking performances America’s Got Talent, The Ellen Degeneres Show, The x factor or Dance with the stars, You still have no idea what to expect on the group’s new show at The STRAT Theater.

ILLUMINATED combines music, dance, illusion, technology and comedy into an impressive production that is performed in the dark; The artists and their tailor-made LED suits with wireless lighting programs act as performers and stages. There are many shows on the Las Vegas Strip with mind-blowing visual effects, but none that a unique system of choreographed motion lighting like this one creates. There are also a handful of talented dance spectacles in other casino showrooms, but none that immerse their audiences in the first technology of its kind while celebrating music and the arts. There is only one iLuminate show and it has found an ideal home at The STRAT.

It is one of several new shows to open at this comfortable, classic theater and will keep the crowd entertained at 10pm after the other magical and musical productions have performed. This is the time for a happy dance party, and this is it ILLUMINATED is at the core. Three charming characters take you on a musical journey through different genres and favorite hits of all your favorite artists – Bruno Mars, Michael and Janet Jackson and Justin Bieber, to name a few. There are hip-hop, pop and rock hits from decades past as well as the most recent tracks to the top of the charts, given the what ILLUMINATED Posse has performed live with the likes of Christina Aguilera and the Black Eyed Peas. It doesn’t get any better as a pure dance show.

And then there is the technology. ILLUMINATED essentially created its own universe in which anything can happen on stage. Dancers can soar and fly. You can frolic with a creepy electronic snake that has some impressive moves of its own. You can seamlessly transport yourself from a rumbling nightclub in Vegas to a vintage juke store in seconds. The lights on their outfits perform their own choreography while the dancers do their thing, and these two separate but coordinated events mix with the music to create something that has to be seen to be believed.

Just when you think the adventure is coming to an end, the house rocks with a mega-mix of songs that have moved the dance floors for generations; suddenly the whole theater is part of this party. The lighted dancers jump off the stage to celebrate with the person next to you who can’t stay seated. They’ll leave this show to keep grooving – and wanting more.

ILLUMINATED already making a big impact at The STRAT, a perfect complement to its other family-friendly shows and popular rides and attractions on the Skypod. There is plenty of new fun to discover in this iconic Las Vegas destination, and this energetic show must be top of the list.

Die STRAT, 702.380.7777

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