Covid-19 vaccination: Escape to the front

IMany people understand that vaccines are our smart fortress, they protect us against the onslaught of stupid viruses. We become almost invincible. Right? Isn’t that what science promised? And can the vaccines actually redeem this in the light of the current debates? Questions like this are being asked more and more often now. Fundamental doubts and undisguised mistrust are often mixed up in the justified questions. To put it like this: “Vaccination cannot stop the pandemic.” A so-called center of health spreads this. Another example: “The higher the vaccination rate, the higher the excess mortality” – this is another claim, formulated in a so-called “study” by a former Psychology professors from the University of Jena and a Jena “independent consultant and programmer” who want to see the image of the immunological fortress crumble. But can the vaccines really no longer deliver what was promised when they were introduced?

Joachim Müller-Jung

Editor in the features section, responsible for the “Nature and Science” section.

It is obvious that more than three quarters of a year after the start of the vaccination, and with a hitherto unseen worsening of the situation in the country and the pandemic political conflicts, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to separate the scientific chaff from the wheat. The counterintuitive Jena theses on excess mortality in the state, for example, which increase with vaccination, assume a causality based on only four weeks in September, which is unsuitable for excess mortality calculations due to the selected period – directly after the summer with few infections – and the availability of data in addition, largely hide the infection process.

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