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Atletico Madrid-Milan 0: 1, the testimonials: Griezmann-Suarez defused what a fairy tale Messiah – nach Welt

Atletico Madrid-Mailand 0-1
(87′ Messiah)

Mailand – A cura di Ivan Cardia

Tatarusanu 7 – Last as owner? Probably if he plays it well. The return of Maignan is imminent, the horror evening in Florence behind us. Done, miracles on De Paul: it’s almost a shame the game was abandoned. Careful with no further masterpieces on later occasions.

Kalulus 6 – There are shortcomings, and goodwill makes up for many. A couple of ridges, several promising dollars. (Ab 65 ‘Florenzi 6 – He has more experience than his partner and feels).

Kjaer 7 – He chooses the path of anticipation to approach Suarez. Bad customer, you know. He keeps it, he would also have the 1-0 ball on his head: that would be cathartic, it doesn’t work.

Romagnolie 7 – He cancels Griezmann and even if he’s not the champion admired here years ago, that’s no mean feat.

Theo Hernandez 6 – Those who switch from Atletico to Real won’t have it easy in these areas. Caught from the first minute, by Koke and the Rojiblanca curve. The roar excites him, but he’s also very wrong.

Kessié 7 – He’d be fine on a Simeone team. He faces it with everything he has, the icing on the cake is clearly Messias’ 1-0 flank.

Tonal 6.5 – Soul and heart of the devil, he holds the ranks and sets the rhythm. Waning over the minutes, not the best change. (Ab 65 ‘Bakayoko 5,5- Enter and take a yellow. It took malice, maybe it took too much and too soon. Missed a penalty on the move).

Sälemäker 6 – As usual, there is certainly no lack of application. The quality in the games and in the choices sometimes yes.

Krunisch 5.5 – Leao has to catch his breath, there are no alternatives in abundance. Inaccuracies in the amount, in general, it is not enthusiastic. (From 65 ‘Messiah – 8 The first time is never forgotten, it is appropriate to say. On his debut in the Champions League, he sent Bakayoko and Ibrahimovic in the goals, but did not collect, although the Swede was still sidelined. So he thinks about it, scores and makes a dream debut. Milan is changing: a breath of fresh air).

Diaz 6 – It lights up sometimes, not enough to really make a difference. Could, want to fail. Lots of quality in just a few centimeters: declare customs with Simeone’s Great Danes. (Dal 78′ Bennacer 6 – He returns as a playmaker, from an early age, without tips).

Giroud 5.5 – Preferred to Ibra, who won the Champions League a few months ago. Botte takes and gives, too many, considering he comes off the field injured. More is needed on the last few meters. (Ab 65 ‘Ibrahimovic 6.5 – A step forward, even quite clearly compared to the French).

Pioli 7 – He doesn’t dare, but in the end he wins. The turning point lies in the four changes: he has spoken about them many times, this time he uses them. There are some imperfections, if Messiah had not taken the chestnuts out of the fire, we would have said that more courage is needed. As mentioned earlier, however, it is the result that counts. And the first victory in the Champions League.

Atletico Madrid – Curated by Andrea Piras

Cloud 6 – He is not contacted during the game, but he is still careful with the balls that arrive on his side. Up to four before the end when he made a super parade on Ibra, who was offside. Not guilty of Milan’s goal.

Savic 6,5 – Suffered a hard blow after a duel with Theo Hernandez, but clenched his teeth, supported by his trainer. The decisive factor was his early intervention on Giroud after Diaz’s good cross, the pressure on Kessié in the action that led to the Rossoneri lead was too low.

Gimenez 5,5 – It is shaped in Giroud by relying on physique and timing in advance, without sparing the opponent from unorthodox interventions. With Renan Lodi he has Messiah’s goal on his conscience.

Beautiful 6 – In the defensive phase, it widens to make the deep striker of a four-man defensive. There is also a lot free on the trail and helps in the construction phase. Ab 65 ‘Renan Lodi 5.5 – He did his job at the moment of the maximum pressure of the Rossoneri. He does not aggravate the Messiah on the occasion of the Milan Gate.

Llorente 5.5 – Theo Hernandez forces him to stay very short by reducing his reach to the defensive line and often gets him into trouble. He presses less than usual.

5.5 cook – After less than a minute of playing time, he lets Theo Hernandez feel his cleats. He accentuates the shot that Giroud’s warning generates, always at the limit of regularity with the interventions decided in the middle of the field, but also a few lost balls too many.

From Paul 6 – After only three minutes he starts a ball of fire, which Tatarusanu rejects with a great flicker. It would have been canceled given Carrasco’s irregular position. In the second half he always tries to make himself dangerous with long-range shots. From 80 ‘Vrsaljko sv

Lemar 5,5 – Often straddles to maintain ball-to-foot speed. Watch out for the exchange with Carrasco, also showing some good forays into parts of the penalty area. It falls in the second half Ab 64 ‘Strap 5.5 – He enters the field to support the attack phase but is closed by the Milan Defense.

Carrasco 6 – His teammates don’t look for him very much, he duels with Kalulu at his side and can’t make a name for himself on the last meter. More active in the second half.

Griezmann 5 – He has a chance in the first half that he missed after a welcoming pass from Llorente by smoothing the ball. For the rest we see very little. From 82 ‘Kondogbia sv

Suarez 5 – A complicated game for the gunslinger who holsters his revolvers tonight. Little served by his companions, very little is seen in the parts of Tatarusanu. From 79 ‘Cunha sv

Diego Simeone 5.5 – A burning defeat for Cholo, who saw their side defeated by the Rossoneri after a well-played first half. Like the Rossoneri, we will play the qualifiers until the last day.


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