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GenPI.co – Beautiful artist Tsania Marwa share his life story full of twists and turns.

Ex-Frau Atalarik Schaha He shared his sad story by recently uploading a short video to his personal Instagram account @ tsaniamarwa54.

The soap opera actor shared that he married young at the age of 21 and divorced at the age of 26.

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From their marriage, Tsania and Atalarik were blessed with 2 children.

“21 years old married, 22 years old had their first child, 24 years old had a second child,” wrote Tsania in the video’s caption.

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“Divorced for 26 years,” he continued.

At the age of 30, Tsania said that she had learned many lessons from her life story.

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Now Tsania understands more about what it means to love and accept yourself to be a young widow.

Watch this video:



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