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– It is a very stressful situation for family doctors and they find it unsustainable, says Wenche Dehli, director of health and welfare in Trondheim, the NRK.

On Wednesday, she announced to the presidency that the congregation had decided to declare a temporary shortage of doctors.

You are doing this to signal to the outside world, politicians, citizens and the state that something needs to be done now, says Dehli.

That’s it Shortage of general practitioners in large parts of the country, has been known for several years. The situation has placed an increased burden on the working population.

Due to the pandemic and a sharp increase in respiratory infections, it has now peaked in Trondheim. According to Dehli, it has gone from being painful to much worse.

– The burden is now so great that it is very difficult, sometimes almost impossible, for general practitioners to help each other in the event of illness or other absence, she said in her briefing on Wednesday.

warns Nidaros mentioned the case first.

ORIENTED CHAIR: Health and Welfare Director Wenche Dehli presented the shortage of doctors to the community’s politicians in an extraordinary presidential meeting on Wednesday.

Photo: Bent Lindsetmo / NRK

Not durable over the long term

In the past three weeks, many doctors have asked to reduce their patient lists by 50 to 200 patients.

This means that there is only one general practitioner who has an open list with a total of 163 vacancies on the list.

– It’s not enough. Trondheim is a city that is growing with around 2000 inhabitants per year, so we want to have additional capacity, says Dehli.

There were about 4,500 vacancies this summer and the Director of Health and Welfare should preferably keep that level.

As it is now, the infection situation will worsen and it can also have consequences for the residents, because doctors only have to prioritize the most important tasks.

– We can’t stand being in this situation for long, says Dehli.

The problem is spreading

– Unfortunately, things are not only going badly in Trondheim so far. This is spreading across the country, Nils Kristian Klev told NRK.

He is the chairman of the family doctor association and takes it very seriously that the state cannot solve the family doctor crisis.

– What has been implemented is nowhere near good enough. The family doctor program is underfunded. It is based on the fact that doctors have to work very hard, says Klev.

Recruiting new family doctors is now very difficult if the municipalities do not implement additional measures, he says:

– You can’t expect doctors to work 50 hours a week in the practice and then run an emergency room in their free time, says Klev.

The municipality of Sykkylven in Møre og Romsdal is one of the municipalities that has problems. On Monday they went out on their website with the message that the family doctor service in the community will no longer be what one is used to.

“That that can Sale, got to wait, »they write.

Head of the General Practitioner Association Nils Kristian Klev

COMPREHENSIVE CHALLENGE: Nils Kristian Klev from the General Practitioner Association says that the general practitioner crisis is not just affecting Trondheim.

Photo: Association of General Practitioners


If a municipality has declared a temporary shortage of doctors, it is obliged to provide replacement or other remedial measures.

In Trondheim it has been difficult to get enough replacements in recent years, but we got into a dialogue with general practitioners to discuss further possible measures, says Dehli.

She also says that new doctors will be hired later in 2022 and that there is also an opportunity to increase capacity at one of the city’s medical centers.

However, she also emphasizes the need to set up new medical centers, as the population increase means that the existing ones are becoming too small.

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