“The farmer is looking for woman 8”: sensation about Kamila and Adam! She made the decision at night! – To world

Kamila It took a long time to choose a candidate. At first she was very drawn to Tomasz, with whom she had a lot of common interests. In addition, the man assured that he cherished family values ​​and was jealous of his brother for having already started them.

“You are my number one” – said Kamila, then enchanted.

The endangered Adam decided to roll up his sleeves and get to work. Kamila’s hard work did not go unnoticed, but so did her father’s.

“The boy’s robot is on fire. I see him as a candidate for the son-in-law ”- praised Jarosław.

Doubts quickly arose as to whether she had bet too quickly on the romantic Tomek.

At that point, the whole family gathered and began counseling Kamila. Mother and father were for Adam, and brothers-in-law and sister-in-law counted on Tomasz.


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