Samsung to build $ 17 billion chip factory in Texas

Samsung Electronics will definitely build a chip factory in Texas, specifically in the city of Taylor. It’s an estimated $ 17 billion investment. This is the largest single investment Samsung has made in the US to date.

Samsung says that the new factory will produce products for applications in different areas such as mobile communications, 5G, High Performance Computing and artificial intelligence. The company said it would expand manufacturing capacity and could “help stabilize the global semiconductor supply chain.”

The Taylor plant is slated to go into operation in the second half of 2024. The site will cover around 5 million square meters and, according to Samsung, together with the new production line in Pyeongtaek, Korea, will make an important contribution to global chip manufacturing capacity. The plant is expected to create 2,000 highly qualified jobs in the technology sector and thousands more. There was earlier this year Rumor has it that Samsung is considering building a 3nm chip factory in Texas.

Samsung looked at several locations in the USA and South Korea to build the factory. The company now selects Taylor based on several factors. The company names the proximity to Samsung’s existing factory in Austin as a not unimportant factor. This town is about 15 miles from Taylor; in this way, the two locations can share the necessary infrastructure, among other things. Another factor that probably also played an important role is is Tax benefits that Taylor might offer.

This expansion of Samsung’s manufacturing capacity follows one Persecution of the USA Invest up to $ 52 billion in chip manufacturing in the United States. A lobby group of chip companies The White House has already asked the White House to invest billions in the American chip sector. The European Commission also want to bet On-chip manufacturing in Europe to reduce reliance on chip manufacturing in Asia.

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