Samarth cycles from India Gate in Delhi to Zero Mile in Nagpur in record time | More sports news – Post World

NAGPUR: One of Orange City’s top cyclists Amit Samarth will be cycling from India Gate, New Delhi to Zero Mile, Nagpur on Saturday. He will start his journey on Saturday at 1 a.m.
Samarth, who is also the bicycle mayor of Nagpur, wants to cover the distance of 1,035 km in a record time of under 40 hours. If he succeeds, he will set the UltraCycling Association’s world record. There will be almost non-stop cycling with no sleep breaks. The only time he would take a break would be to change clothes or change his cycle.
As he talked about his training, Samarth said, “I do speed building runs, or pace runs of 75 to 100 km plus to develop speed, to maintain endurance and speed for long distances. I also cycle more than 600 to 700 km in a week with 2 to 3 strength training units. At the weekend I do long drives, 150km -175km / 200-250km and on other days I do strength and interval training ”.
Samarth already set an ultra-cycling world record in February of this year by cycling 6,000 km on the Golden Quadrilateral Highway of India in 13 days for 9 hours and 50 minutes. He also had 9 lakh for Lok Biradari Prakalp under the direction of Padma Shri Dr. Prakash Office collected. This time Samarth will raise funds for India Pedal Cycling City, Nagpur Project. Samarth is navigated by highly qualified crew members. Jeetendra Nayak will be the driving director.


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