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Richard Madeley has only been at the castle “I’m a Celebrity” for four days and already feels like he’s missing a limb – namely his 35-year-old wife Judy Finnigan.

Poor Richard was in isolation for two weeks before he even went to camp, and he misses Judy terribly.

Married in 1986, the two are so inseparable that they even had their own TV show of the same name from 2001 to 2009.

This is the longest time they have ever been apart and the first year Richard missed their wedding anniversary.

“On Sunday, when the first show goes out, it’s actually our 35th wedding anniversary,” he said.

“So this will be the first wedding anniversary I’ve missed, and it’s a big one. Before we left, I gave her a present and a card that she will open that day. We will really miss each other. I will miss you very much.

“I spend every day of my life with her, either at work or around the house. So yes, I already feel strangely dislocated. She is my right arm and she is not here. “

Behind the scenes, the journey has been tough for Richard and Judy, from their heartbreaking struggle to be together to the health problems Judy encountered in later life


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Even her daughter, 34-year-old Chloe Madeley, has talked about their parents’ intense bondto claim that the time they spend together is “abnormal”.

“I grew up watching my parents do it all together,” she told Woman’s Own.

Speaking of how Judy felt, that he might have been gone for months, Richard admitted that she “wasn’t exactly jumping the stairs for joy.”

But he explained his reasons for the show to her, and she agreed that it might be good for him and encouraged her husband to “do it”.

This is the longest time Richard (65) and Judy (73) have been “by far” apart, but it is certainly not the toughest obstacle they have faced in their decades-long relationship.

she first met in 1982 when Richard came to Granada alongside Tony Wilson and Judy, who was the more experienced journalist at the age of eight and greeted him with the words: “Hello, I’m your mom.”

They first met when Judy was instructed to show Richard the ropes in Granada, and she called herself his “mom”.



“I remember the first time I saw him. He went to the newsroom and I sat at my desk on the other end, ”Judy remembered their fateful first meeting.

“I remember exactly what he was wearing: a light blue linen suit. I thought he looked good. Big, handsome and all that, but I found the suit a little flashy. Then I was assigned the job because he was a newbie. ” to take care of him, ”she told the mirror.

“I was sitting at my desk when that hand appeared on my shoulder and I looked into that face and Judy said, ‘Hello, I’m your mummy’ and I thought, ‘Whaaaat?'” Revealed Richard, who already had a crush on Judy after seeing them on TV.

Explaining the joke, he continued, “When someone new arrived in Granada, someone was appointed to be their father or mother to show them around – the canteen, the toilets and so on. So Judy was my ‘mother’. “

The attraction was evident, but Judy was married to journalist David Henshaw and Richard was in the process of separating from his first wife Lynda.

They went out for dinner one evening and their affair began, even though they both insisted it was much more than a “dirty office affair”.

Judy, who was married to another woman when they first met, initially worried that Richard wasn’t mature enough to be a stepfather

“[Colleagues at Granada] thought it frivolous, but it was nothing of the sort. It was really very painful because we were very much in love, but it was very difficult, ”Richard recalled.

From their third date on, he knew he wanted to marry Judy, but at 26 she feared he wasn’t ready to be a stepfather to their then six-year-old twins Dan and Tom.

“I had to be absolutely convinced that Richard was mature enough and secure enough of his own sanity that my boys weren’t going to get hurt,” said Judy.

“When we first met, I remember my mom saying to him, ‘If you hurt these guys, I’ll never forgive you.'”

Judy, then 34, called up and arranged for a devastated Richard to retreat to Greece for two weeks in the summer of 1984, armed with a bag full of stepchildren’s books, to do a soul search.

“I knew Dan and Tom really well and they were amazing, they were terribly cute so I took it very seriously. In the end, of course, I knew I could do it – I wanted to do it, ”he said.

Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan share their son Jack (35) and daughter Chloe (34).

It took Judy a year to make up her mind, however.

Richard was overjoyed when she finally made her choice – and it was him.

The first thing they did as a couple was take the twins to Cornwall for a week, where the county became so special to them that they would live there years later.

But unfortunately her luck soon turned into tragedy when Judys did The first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and she was forced to give birth to her child.

Opening about the devastating loss for 2018 channel 4 Documentary Child of Mine, Richard remembered going for a routine checkup when they were 16 weeks old, only to find out their baby had died.

He recalled, “It was utterly devastating: no warning, no early, gentle hint of the possibility of disaster.

“Our baby had just died. And he was still in Judy’s lap.

Richard missed their wedding anniversary for the first time because he’s on I’m a Celeb



Richard’s Castle stint will be the longest time he’s ever been without Judy

“She was held in hospital overnight for a second scan, ‘just to be absolutely sure,’ and then went into labor.

“My heart broke for her as I waited outside the delivery room. What a terrible experience: going through the birth movements and knowing what the dire result would be. “

After the couple recovered, their son Jack, 35, arrived in 1986 and just as Judy was about to return from maternity leave, she learned that she was expecting daughter Chloe.

Hormonal imbalance then triggered postnatal depression, and after years of gynecological problems, she had a hysterectomy in 1998 – something she feared would destroy her famous sexual bond with Richard.

In fact, the hormone replacement therapy she was receiving killed her passion so much that they had to sleep in separate beds while she recovered from the surgery.

In 1988 Richard and Judy were revived This morning with her journalistic background and natural chemistry, but her popularity also sparked a surge in false and cruel gossip – worst of all, she was an alcoholic and he was a violent drunk.

“We were driving our kids to Cornwall for a week and the cell phone went missing in the car,” Richard told the Guardian upon hearing the hurtful rumors.

“Our bosses in Granada said there was a terrible rumor going around that you are in a self-help facility for men who beat their wives for beating Judy, that Judy is in a dehydration clinic and that the children are in care. We were in the damn car, ”he said.

“We followed it all the way to the source… A particularly poisonous person. He had leaked these smears and they were never released because in a libel case we’d have cleaned up that thing Judy drinks. And she doesn’t. “

Both parties admit that they have a “jealous, passionate” relationship and if either were disloyal it would be disastrous.

“I think it’s incredible that I was lucky enough to meet the woman I love. I know that happy marriages come in different shapes and forms, but I like the fact that we are both possessive, ”Richard told Der Spiegel.

“If Judy or I had an affair, that would be the end.”

“I just can’t stand thinking about it,” she agreed. “We both think that the other is the most precious thing in the world. A good marriage is a blessing. “

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