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If lying, by definition, is “cheating, being untrue, knowingly saying something that is false, misleading,” the same can be said for hiding the truth. It is assumed that doctors, all -including the Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer-, by the very nature of their profession, are qualified and trained in an exercise similar to that of tightrope walkers, when they must inform their patients and their families about their health, however bleak their prospects.

Therefore, the attitude of the aforementioned Secretary of Health is repugnant, when declaring in a forum, on the one hand, that “there are signs of a new wave” of COVID-19 in Mexico …, and, on the other, that he did not want to that this information should go to the press because its members “are distorters of the truth.”


That there are journalists who, through clumsiness or bad faith, occasionally distort the truth, is undeniable. Generalizing, however, implies turning a prejudice into dogma. If the rule were that the press distorts the truth, his reputation would be nil: it would have cost him his disappearance by now.

That some citizens systematically distrust the press is understandable. That a public official disregards, out of elementary practical sense, the rule of “thinking what he says” and not limiting himself to irresponsibly saying what he thinks, is incomprehensible … and, above all, truly regrettable.

From the outset, the possibility that a rebound in the pandemic may occur in Mexico in the short term seems reasonable. On the one hand, in other countries – Austria, Germany and the Netherlands among them – they have already reached that stage. On the other hand, events such as the celebration of the Day of the Dead throughout the country, the Formula One Grand Prix in Mexico City, El Buen Fin a few days ago, the recent generalized return to classes in all school campuses and the next Christmas holidays, which move crowds, plus the evident disdain of many people for health guidelines and protocols, feed the fear that, in effect, infections could increase.


It is assumed that the visible head of the governmental apparatus responsible for public health – like the doctor who cares for a delicate patient – should warn society about latent risks, guide it on the appropriate measures to reduce them …, and, in turn Instead of disqualifying her in the name of her prejudices, use the press – even at the risk of some journalists distorting the truth – to do so.

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