Not all hospitals are delaying treatment and taking it on a case-by-case basis. – To the world

Cancer patients fear that operations will be delayed, according to an article by The standard in the Kom op tegen Kanker urges people who have not been vaccinated to adhere strictly to the rules. The business of the journalist Chris Van den Abeele (57), who works for the GARDEN works as a journalist, has been postponed. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer. In an “open letter” he pointed accusingly with his finger at the unvaccinated.

“Do you realize that you are part of a group that is delaying my care and that of other patients? And do you know this can be a life or death? ”Van den Abeele’s phone call received a lot of support on social media.

There is no doubt that hospitals are reducing their care. “They are in full swing,” says Lieve Dhaene from Zorgnet Icuro. “But it was only during the first wave that all plannable supplies were temporarily postponed, and not afterwards. Although the emergency care was impaired in the previous waves, it was no longer stopped, thanks in part to relocations. “

“There is always a compromise, they try to provide all urgent care. Care that can be postponed is postponed. ”According to the Brussels UZ, it can be toe and foot operations, hernias, certain varicose vein operations or gynecological operations. Difficult interventions that then require intensive medical care are carried out more frequently. Oncological operations will not be postponed for the time being.

Watch it day by day

The Brussels IP has been downsized since last Thursday. Phase 1B became official on Friday. “We are not yet at the limit of 1B. We still have space and will look at it day after day and also include developments in the other hospitals, ”says spokeswoman Karolien De Prez.

Other Brussels hospitals can still allow all operations for the time being. This also applies, for example, to the Sint Jan Clinic. Spokeswoman Florence Feys emphasizes that oncological operations there have never been postponed, not even in the past. It is difficult to predict which, if any, operations will be postponed.

In the Sint-Pietersziekenhuis they are already well adapted to busier times, so it is less noticeable when downsized. “After all this time, we more or less learn to anticipate peaks in order to have as few last-minute failures as possible,” says spokeswoman Muriel Pletsers.

Upscaling to half the IC beds

The HTSC, the body that oversees hospital occupancy in our country, urged hospitals to scale up to Phase 1B starting late last week. This means that half of the 2,000 beds in the intensive care unit are reserved for corona patients. There are currently just under 650 beds occupied by corona patients. In addition, just over 200 IC beds are closed due to illness and burnout of the staff.

The previous scaling (to 33 percent) took place just a week earlier.

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